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Learning the Truth, Australia Sukaaaa

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Post icon  Posted 27 January 2008 - 12:13 AM

It was about time that Isabella faced the truth and found out who exactly her mother was. In her eyes, the slightest disappointment could shatter her heart into fragments, because when you’ve lived for years in the hopes that your parents would be great people. And… she felt bad that she was the product of his father’s affair. It didn’t seem right. In fact, if he’d have been loyal, then… she wouldn’t have ever existed. How awful she felt. But at least his mother did not know about her, because Bella would hate to cause the heartbreak. Her. Doing something as evil as that, unconscious as it was. But still. She could only thank her… father for creating her. Aha. Or at least, thank him in silence. A world without her existence. How odd for her to think about it. Bella followed him in silence, through the portal. When they were in Australia, she nervously took his hand and tried not to feel anxious. She shouldn’t have brought him. She should never have brought him. But she was essentially a selfish person, and couldn’t bear to go without someone. She wouldn’t back down from most things. But anything that was significant to her like this… was out of line. For her, anyway. Naturally, she trembled slightly as Suka led her toward her very creator, for him to tell her who she was borne from. Not that Suka should be there. She felt bad, clinging to his hand, but letting go of it when they reached his home. She grimaced and mentally braced herself, heart thudding erratically in her chest. For a moment, she took several deep breaths, and clenched her fists, forgetting that it was most likely going to hurt with her new super-strength.The tension in her body faded away slightly, but her fists remained clenched, the skin pulled over taut over her knuckles white. Why was she so frightened? Bella was never frightened. What a lie! She was frightened of everything that could hurt her emotionally. Frightened of everything that might make someone end up and tears. What a wuss. "Okay, then," she finally said, with some reluctance in her voice. "I don’t know why I’m so nervous, but let’s just get it over with." She frowned mainly to herself, but her face brightened up at remembering that she would be able to learn of the beautiful woman she had always portrayed her mother to be. Giving Suka a quick, awkward hug, she smiled sheepishly at him. "Thanks. For doing this with me." She wasn’t really that good at portraying her emotions suitably, but she could always have a quick stab in the dark at how people normally did it. Suka was a good person (well, he was a perfect being in her eyes, an idolised person) and it was nice of him too come with her. Really nice.(Gmod with permish?)
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