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Many Elysians have never been to Earth since by nature they're in danger the very second they step through the portal, but Earth is eclectic and open-minded enough now that Elysians can wander at will (especially around Halloween) as long as they are extremely careful to hide their nonhuman traits.

However, many Elysians would rather avoid Earth, having nothing but bad history with their ancestral homeland, and Elysians and Terrans alike have been known to go "missing" or be otherwise punished when caught up in the Old Society's continued efforts to keep nonhumans secret and safe.

Nor does Xanth take kindly to those who expose her children.

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Post icon  Posted 03 February 2008 - 10:21 AM

Blood and gore ahead.
It wasn’t a long trip to the Cliffs of Dover when you could use a portal. Valinir was not there to admire the spectacular stark white rock, though he couldn’t help but admire the way they sparkled in the sun. No, he was just there to take his mind off of Elysia. That place was surely making him insane, for now he knew for sure that his mother was gone. Everything he’d clung to, gone. But he was still trying to pull through it, though his sister was of no help whatsoever. She just came and went as she pleased, and it was… annoying. To be honest, Val thought that she just did it because it was what their mother would have wanted her to do, though after awhile, he stopped caring whether or not she cared. After awhile, everyone you know is dead. Problem solved. And after awhile, you begin to go mad. That’s exactly what Val thought was happening to him. He was conscious of everything around him, but he just didn’t care.Valinir wanted to be alone. As he slid onto a picnic bench and watched the sun go down, he put his head in his hand, and scowled at the blinding rays. The sky was painted with a red and orange glow, before the sun disappeared over the horizon. Nobody was about, and Val could not detect any other sound than the mesmerising lapping of the waves. The sound of the ocean was... homely. Though he'd never been to Dover once before in his life. With a sigh, he got up and was careful to tread away from the edge, but after he thought it safe, he edged nearer. Bad move. It just so happened to be that where he stood, the area was eroded. With an awful cracking noise, Valinir blinked. One moment the ground was beneath his feet, the next it was gone. And even as he plummeted toward the jagged rocks at the bottom of the cliffs, his eyes were still wide with confusion. Even as they impaled him and his limbs twitched with fear, his expression remained the same. Blood streamed out of him, and it was not long before, with a silent moan, his eyes were cold, his face deathly pale and covered in a film of sweat.
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