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Many Elysians have never been to Earth since by nature they're in danger the very second they step through the portal, but Earth is eclectic and open-minded enough now that Elysians can wander at will (especially around Halloween) as long as they are extremely careful to hide their nonhuman traits.

However, many Elysians would rather avoid Earth, having nothing but bad history with their ancestral homeland, and Elysians and Terrans alike have been known to go "missing" or be otherwise punished when caught up in the Old Society's continued efforts to keep nonhumans secret and safe.

Nor does Xanth take kindly to those who expose her children.

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Posted 05 February 2008 - 09:46 PM

OOC: I'm going insane and my memory's a bit iffy so if I've done anything wrong posting this just gimme a prod, and I'm sorry ^^

BIC: 'Pour aller au Lac d'Allos?'

Soft crunching disrupted the peace of the mountains as light foot steps moved across the grassy banks of the crystalline lagoon. The day was drawing to a close and the eye of the sky was preparing for sleep, as her eyelids closed slowly streaks of liquid amber of fiery orange ran along the canvas of the golden sky like rolls of never ending ribbon spilling across heavens. The colors danced upon the waters, the perfect reflection undisturbed by the stillness and serenity held within the lake and the mountains and flora that grew around it. A tree top avian cooed somewhere beyond the little enclosed area of Lac d'Allos, the leaves gently rustling as the birds and squirrels prepared for their night's slumber. It was a beautiful time, evening. Not only did it mark the end of an exhausting day, that one could rest their eyes now and relax in the fantasy world of their dreams, but it was also the mark of new beginnings. A new day was soon to come, and that mean't starting over. Starting a new promise one made to themself or perhaps starting on that annoying assignmen tthat nobody wanted to do. The water nymph that sat at the clear water's edge needed this new beginning.

She had been away for so long now. She wasn't sure herself the reason why she had needed to run off like that, retreat to the safety of her home, but it hadn't done her a lot of good. Her mother, like all mothers, knew immediately that something had changed with her and that there was trouble on her mind. But not even to her own mother did she share her secrets; she had been so confused and poorly that she couldn't even stand without shaking. She needed to do something normal to keep her mind off things, just for a while, while she tried to calm herself and return to being independent again. Independent. Pehraps that was it. For more than twenty years of her life had she relied on her mother to clothe, feed and shelter her. Yes, it was true she did her part for the business but she was never the strong person her mother was, marching around doing whatever she pleased, even governing over her own husband. She prefered routine and having to follow others rather than the other way around. She had no self confidence in other words.

'I'm so useless.' She sighed with a sad smile. In the end, she had followed her mother's orders again. She had returned to Elysia on her mother's command. 'You must face your troubles yourself, Ammy, or they will keep piling on top of each other until they grow into such a big mound that it will be too late for you to fix. Don't come running back to hide, never do that, be strong.' It was easy for her to say, but Anneli Shir's strong personality mean't she never had problems. Not ever. Another sigh escaped her lips. Her arms curled around her knees, pulling them close into a hug; she needed one. She needed to be held and to be warm and to have someone there. How she hated being alone. Her thoughts wondered to Inimicus. How had he been after she left? She hoped nothing serious had happened, she hated seeing a sad face. But in the end, she doubted it, she wasn't worth that much to get upset over. Glancing down at her reflection, she blinked a couple of times before running a hand in the water to let the ripples claim her image. She didn't want to see her own sad face. Uncurling herself from her sitting position she reclined onto her back, staring up at the sky as the reds of sunset slowly turned to mauve. 'I need to start over. Be strong.' She whispered. She hoped her mother was right.

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