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Many Elysians have never been to Earth since by nature they're in danger the very second they step through the portal, but Earth is eclectic and open-minded enough now that Elysians can wander at will (especially around Halloween) as long as they are extremely careful to hide their nonhuman traits.

However, many Elysians would rather avoid Earth, having nothing but bad history with their ancestral homeland, and Elysians and Terrans alike have been known to go "missing" or be otherwise punished when caught up in the Old Society's continued efforts to keep nonhumans secret and safe.

Nor does Xanth take kindly to those who expose her children.

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Posted 13 February 2008 - 09:57 PM

Lute stepped out of the portal with a slight shiver, he had forgotten that this far north was cold this time of year, and looked around him. He had appeared in a parking garage, filled with cars. Making sure no one saw his decent he slips on a pair of shades, to hide his eyes. He had done this many times throughout the years, so he knew to be careful. His breath expelled from his mouth with a cool cloud, more testament to the chill that he felt. He walked towards the bottom of the dull grey garage, looking at the machines littered about, in many different colors. Cars, that what he was told they were, he has never gotten to ride in one, but he was fine with that. He had heard that people die driving them, and he didn't want to deal with that, death makes getting things kinda hard.

He quickly moved out the door and onto a busy corner. Cars drove past and busses stopped to pick passengers up. Finally Lute got an opening and darted through the street to get to the large hospital on the other side. Stepping through the door he was instantly greeted.

"Oh-ho! if it isn't Mr. Tristan" Said a guard sitting next to the door with a smile on his face. "The children will be happy to have you with them again today." The guard stood up and walked over to the receptionist's desk and grabbed a rather unused name tag from a small set of hooks and hands it to Lute. The guard stepped over to the door and opened it for him.

Lute stepped into one of the main hospital hallways, the walls were white, mostly, but there was lot of wood trim and pictures hanging along the wall. He had seen it all before so it was just a blur as he walked by. He saw a rather new picture that he hadn't quite noticed before. 'Riley Construction Project' was its title, and it displayed various diagrams and improvements to be made to the hospital before the end of 2009. Lute scoffed a little bit because he will have to relearn the layout but at least he knew where he was going today.

Up the elevator, down the hall and through the double doors. The second floor was for children ages 5 to 10, and there were usually quite a few. This was Lute's favorite age group, as they were easily entertained, but aware enough to know him. As he passed through the double doors a woman's voice greeted him, a nurse by the name of Katie.

"Luke! Been a while since you've been here, the children have been asking about you." she said with great enthusiasm, "Jade is taking care of our patients in this first room here, you can start there if you like"

"Luke" nodded to her, and walked towards the room. Luke was an easy name for him to give them to use, it kept his identity a secret while allowing him to communicate properly. He opened the door and stepped inside, gently closing the door behind him. As he looked into the room, he saw something he couldn't believe, unless of course he hadn't been a resident of Elysia.

(OOC: i hope this will work... i am going to try and get a NPC to play Jade)

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Posted 27 February 2008 - 06:54 AM

// Piper's Boutique Dafont Aethereality Resunik \\

Jade Filler was a volunteer at the hospital, she came because of he love for the children, but there was more to it than that. She actually held the power to take on the injuries and sicknesses of these poor children. As a Viridis sept Dragon, as long as she was careful not to reveal herself she could perform her good Samaritan routine as needed and then move on with her life, what little there was left of it, at least.

Jade had started doing this the day she discovered that she herself had cancer. some nameless stranger had saved her then, and she'd never learned who they were, but she'd never forgotten the gift they'd given her in her childhood so long ago. Thus, now she strove to give as many children, Human and Elysian equally, the chance at a full life. Jade knew very well that she was talented, but even talent had flaws and she found herself frequenting the hospital at least a handful of times each month with everything from life threatening diseases to small amounts of cancer.

Thankfully, the doctors at the hospitals were more talented in her craft than she.

Thus, Jade pursued her goal again today, taking on the afflictions of the poor children in this ward. Sadly she was unable to take all of their ailments at once, but she did as much as she could each time she came to keep them alive and as close to well as she could dare to get them. A pair of special contacts changed the shape of her pupils, and with them the children merely thought her a regular nurse. They held not the mental capacity to understand what she was doing as she touched their arms and closed their eyes.

But the man who entered the room did.

Looking up in a shocked manner as Lute entered the room, Jade diminished the glow of her abilities that were focused on the large scar that was on the chest of a transplant patient and quickly stood up and moved away, pretending nothing had happened and hoping he'd not seen too much. Smiling to the child before her, Jade spoke to the trespassing man without looking into his covered eyes. "Oh, hello." She said calmly, not used to being intruded on during her healing sessions. "Do you have permission to be here?" She asked as she looked over to him and noticed his not exactly doctor-like appearance.

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