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Zanarya is a dimension almost as large as Earth and is split into six nations, five of which have their own palace and capital and are ruled by a Nahan. Most of the Zanaryan nations are allied to a single element, Ilia and Reixos being the only exceptions. National boundaries are in constant flux, however, as each nation strives to dominate the rest on behalf of their element, and borders are redrawn almost constantly.

Having been cut off from Elysia and the other realms for over eight thousand years, the species became xenophobic and have kept many of their best sciences and technologies secret from their Elysian brethren. They are very much a patriarchal and feudal society as well, with women serving men who then serve higher-ranking men.

Though many Zanaryans have migrated to Elysia, particularly women striving for freedom and those displaced by the Great War that divided their nations, none but their own kin may enter their realm. (Read more about Zanarya.)
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Posted 30 April 2008 - 12:31 AM

// Piper's Boutique Dafont Rainbow Harbour Anime Rain Andrea Corr \\

Leeta didn't want to go back. She hadn't been planning on heading back to Zanarya so soon; she'd barely left it. She's only ventured out briefly into the Underground!

But that was all it took to come close to a very dangerous, angry women who could have torn her to shreds. I wasn't even looking for trouble yet! the demon thought unhappily. I just wanted to help her kid! Her thoughts strayed to the dragon who had tried to help as well, and had not been allowed to run away. I wonder what happened to her? she wondered, feeling guilty and uneasy. Though it wasn't like she could have done anything to help. Her exceptionally weak wings on her back felt especially pathetic now, as she remembered the Anyeli ones on the angry mother, huge and strong and beautiful.

And so she was back here, much earlier than she had originally planned, to straighten out her head while not worrying about being killed by somebody passing by. But..I don't want to go back to Los. she thought. It wasn't like Isaac would care if she came back home with her tail between her legs, but she had sort of wanted to return victorious and successful.

And so the idea had come to her. Coupled with her shame and persistent sense of adventure, even when she was scared and nervous, Leeta had decided to take a trip to the Zanaryan Temple. I can think there, she thought as she stepped out into Zanarya. She wanted to be somewhere safe, with people who wouldn't hurt her for simply being there, and the Temple had always been a source of wonder for her.


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