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[R] = Under review, player contacted
[WIP] = Work-in-progress, not ready for review (please contact an admin when you're ready)
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Wanted Characters

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Posted 13 December 2008 - 04:12 AM

We do not ban EF races but there are some restrictions:

  • Humans : you must have one unrestricted character to create a human.
  • Dracovarian Lifemates are very rare and require admin approval. You can either PM me once your character's relationship has been established through roleplay or I can roll a dice during the application process.
  • Relatives (especially children or other such direct relatives) of Dracovarian lifemates are also very rare. See above.
  • We have quite a few 'rogue' Nymphs, so please consider a Nymph who follows the Sylvan Creed instead.

If you are not sure what kind of character you would like, please consider:

  • NEW!!! Malaki
  • NEW!!! Mystriders
  • Villainous types and petty crooks.
  • If you want a Nymph, how about a Warden?
  • Consider going Unbonded if you want a Dracovarian.
  • How about a Viridis or a Peacekeeper, especially healers?
  • Wannabe, would-be and actual heroes or upstanding citizens.

You can also check the character census for a list of characters, both active and retired, according to their race, class and gender.

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Posted 09 September 2011 - 03:38 PM

If you're considering villains (<3), here are some ideas. :3

Ideas for villainous types:

For Anyeli:

  • Someone out to rekindle the war.
  • Someone who's vibrantly faction-ist.
  • Assassins don't have much official work right now because the factions are technically in a cease-fire, but I'm sure there would be those Skotadi/Apali secretly trying to get one up on the other. Political assassinations, like trying to maneuvre people out of the way so their faction can gain a stronger political foothold, that sort of thing.
  • Disenfranchised or dishonourably discharged military personnel. That in itself isn't really villainy, but there could be an evil!dramatic reason for their being discharged.
  • Someone whose extreme racism against the Zanaryans has become violent.

For Dracovari:
  • Mind-benders who use their skills for profit with no regard for the harm (physical or mental) they can cause.
  • Rutilus who use their skills to bully others.
  • Peteulani or Aurumi who use their skills to sell things people don't want or need.
  • Someone who abuses their bonded dragon (except they probably wouldn't be alive for long...)
  • Someone who uses their dragon to get what they want (like holding towns to ransom lol).

For Humans:
  • Terrans who hate non-humans and work to bring them down or kill them.
  • Someone who isn't satisfied with being a downtrodden human and aims to take over the world [/end Pinky & the Brain]

For Nymphs:
  • Wardens who bond with an area that is vital for travel or trade, and who then uses their demesne to hold travellers to ransom.
  • Nymphs who deliberately unBalance the natural world, thus making it difficult for people to survive (ie, killing off entire areas of forest around a village known for its wood exports, Nyads killing fish around a fishing village, etc.)

For Therians:
  • Someone who disrespects the laws and balance of Nature. They wouldn't be considered villainous by city dwellers, but Nymphs and their own kind would definitely shun them, and depending on how far they go with it, they could become a serious enemy to the Sylvan territories, at least. (Same goes for Nymphly villains, too.)
  • A Crusader type who was either captured and enslaved themselves or lost loved ones to the Therian slave trade. They are now on a quest for vengeance against all slave traders and don't care who gets caught in the crossfire.
  • An ex-slave addicted to wolfsbane by his captors. He is now a petty crook, unable to shift because of the 'bane and constantly searching for the next fix.

For Vampires:
  • Vamps that bite.
  • Vamps who are deliberately spreading the virus for dastardly shenanigans.
  • The leader of a Vampire cabal scheming to take over other cabals.
  • A member of a cabal scheming to take over his/her own cabal.

For Zanaryans:
  • Someone whose xenophobia is extreme enough for them to kill.
  • Someone who wants the Naharar's throne and will do anything to get it.
  • Someone who kills/maims/is generally unpleasant to anyone who hasn't sworn fealty to their Lord.
  • Females who are tired of being downtrodden and start machinating for their freedom.
  • Youngest brother types who want the patriarch's seat.
  • Someone who thinks that reconnecting with Elysia was a bad, bad, bad idea and is doing their best to make sure the portal gets re-disconnected. — Rahil ftw!

In general:
  • Murderers, thieves, bandits, assassins in general (though the latter is not a common occupation outside of the Anyeli Empire, there'll be a few).
  • Therian slavers (that is, they slave Therians, not that they are Therians who trade in slaves, although that's a good possibility for a Therian villain I guess XD).
  • "Drug" traffickers and dealers (we don't have chemical drugs like in the real world, but there are certain herbs and plants that are used as hallucinogens and such).
  • Corrupt officials like a magistrate or local Guards.
  • Petty criminals who work for bigger bads and slowly work their way up the ranks, either through ambition or no fault of their own.


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Posted 30 April 2012 - 03:33 PM

If you're struggling for character ideas, we have a heap of fun new organisations that might stir your imagination! How about one of the following?


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