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Aimless Journey (Naava;Also Open)

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Posted 10 February 2009 - 09:57 PM

Kioni was rushing as fast as she could to try and catch up with Naava. It certainly wasn't easy. The girl could move! And she wasn't even flying! It made the Dracovari wonder how fast the Anyeli would go if she'd taken to the air.

Gah, I hope she doesn't decide to fly! I don't wanna be left behind!

The female Dracovari leapt over a rock before picking up her pace and running faster. Naava had taken such a head start that by the time Kioni went to go after her, the girl had completely moved out of sight. But catching up with the Anyeli wasn't her only concern. How much time did they have left to catch or Anka? Or where the heck was it?

She hadn't taken the Anka here. No, Kioni had actually been dropped off by a family friend some time ago. It was at this time that Kioni sorta regretted telling the guy not to wait around and that she'd find her own way home. She didn't really think this through very well.

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Posted 26 May 2009 - 03:29 PM

Naava stopped completely breathless in front of the Anka pilot. "H-... H-hi..." she said, he hand reaching up to clasp her chest as she bent over a bit to get her wits about her. "Y'alright, love?" the Zanaryan man said as he lifted one eyebrow above the other. Finally getting a rhythmic pattern of breathing back, Naava stood upright again. "Ye-yes I'm fine." She said, smiling into the man's eyes. Realizing his species, Naava also realized something she'd missed earlier. Didn't Zanaryans smell bad? Because he didn't. Well, not bad. More... musky, she supposed was the best way to describe it.

Hearing hurried footsteps behind Naava turned her head to see Kioni running up behind her. "Do you have space for two more, sir?" Naava asked, inadvertently giving a flirtatious smile at the same time. "Yea, miss, but they're in the back. Is that y'r friend coming?" the pilot asked again, pointing towards the Dracovarian girl. "Um.. yea. Yea she is. I'll take those two seats then, please," the Anyeli responded, pulling out a few bills from her purse and handing them to the man as he told her the price.

Moving towards the entrance to the Anka's saddle, Naava waved at Kioni. "Over here! C'mon, I've got our seats!" she shouted, jumping a bit to make sure the girl saw her.


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