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Please put your character's surname (eg. [JERICHO]) and address (eg. "19 Dewy Brook Road, Corantha") in your topic title. Not all houses should be in Alexandria, so please diversify! People can live anywhere in Elysia or the Outer Realms (except Earth), within reason and racial rules permitting, so why not check the map of Elysia for ideas? (I suggest places that have access to a portal for easier RP.)

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[ROY] 587 Ash Lane, Apt 3E, Alexandria 587 Ash Lane. Apt. 3E, New Alexandria

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Posted 12 October 2009 - 08:26 AM

Curled up against the window of his living room, the spotted cat opened an eye as his alarm clock began to sound. The noise was obnoxiously loud, and the canary-shaped clock rocked back and forth as it kept chirping. Grudgingly, the cat rolled off his sunny window-seat, stalked toward his redwood coffee table, leapt onto it, and hit the top of the canary’s head. It obliged to stay quiet, so the cat turned to the edge of the table and jumped onto the black leather couch that leaned against the wall.

Slowly, the cat began to grow taller, and as Aiden felt his fingers form, he began to massage his jaw. Though shifting came much easier to him than before, his face always felt funny afterwards, and he had to remind himself that he was no longer a cat, and should stop slouching. When he was sure that he was fully human, Aiden stood and walked into his bedroom. The bedroom was simply furnished with a dark green futon on the floor and books and paper stacked on a bookshelf in the corner. The books were either sci-fi, textbooks from his school years, or books on Elysian Law. Aiden walked toward the closet beside the bookshelf and pulled out a jacket. As he put it on, he moved briskly toward to the front door, where he lifted a set of keys from the rack on the wall.

Time to get food!

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