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Alexius Folke Ayad Nymph

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Posted 24 November 2009 - 04:59 AM


(NICK)NAME: Ceejay
AGE: Twenty-two
GENDER: Female


GENERAL: I feel it's alright for small amounts of god-modding/power-play like kissing or grabbing or hugging and so forth. It's a good idea though to ask me just in case through a private message or something just to be sure.
INJURY: Small injuries are most likely going to be cool with me but once again please do ask if you aren't sure.
TORTURE: I'm going to say no on this for now unless it's an important part of some plot but that will probably get discussed if it were. On the other hand bullying and teasing is bound to happen and so I'm cool with that.
TRANSFORMATION: This is a definite no for now.
HELPING: By all means do so, he'd appreciate it and so would I.
OTHER: It sort of depends here especially on powers, I mean if they reminds than that's probably fine but I do like if people give me a heads up if they are uncertain. I don't want him killed yet or anything and don't want him severely harmed without me knowing before hand and if it's part of a plot. I'm pretty easy-going about things but it's nice to know.
SEXUAL: I'm actually kind of okay with anything. I mean nothing too kinky if you know what I mean and I'm actually fine with writing stuff out tastefully but fading to black is all good too. So whatever you are comfortable with I'm willing to do.


FULL NAME: Alexius Kallias Folke
NICKNAME(S): Alexis, Alex, Lexi, Ali, Kalli, Kal, etc.
RACE: Nymph
DATE OF BIRTH: March 18th, 9988 XA (1988 AD)
FINANCIAL STANDING: Surviving is how he describes it. He makes enough to get by with what he needs which is very little.


MODEL/PLAYBY: Ryan Ehrmantraut - deviantart x myspace
ETHNICITY: Caucasian (Scandinavian)
HEIGHT: 5'7"
HAIR COLOUR & STYLE: Lexi's hair is naturally dark auburn in color but he has dyed it black recently. It is cut somewhat short and choppy. The thick hair tends to be a little unruly and when it's humid or rather there is moisture in there gets a little frizzy.
EYE COLOUR: His eyes are a sharp gray blue that shifts between more gray to more intense blue.
BUILD: The Ayad is kind of the epitome of lithe and lanky. Of course, it's no joy for him being so scrawny. He doesn't even have that much muscle, maybe some but barely enough. He's more agile than strong physically, but he is a nymph (for the most part).
FASHION SENSE: Lexi's sense of style is pretty casual usually. He's typically in slim jeans, slip-on sneakers, whatever sort of shirt, and often there is a scarf around his neck. Of course it also depends on the weather but he's as about as fashionable as he can be on his salary.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Alexius doesn't have any piercings or tattoos, at least not at the moment. He does have a scatter of freckles especially concentrated on his shoulders and, oddly enough, braces on teeth that needed a little straightening. His plump pink lips could be a rather distinguishing feature of his as well.


Alexius is a very easy-going and gentle individual for the most part. His friendly and affectionate nature often makes it easier for all sorts of people to get along with him well, perhaps because this side of him makes him seem less threatening. He's smart but more instinctive and intuitive than highly intellectual. Lexi has always been the adventurous type though with a wild imagination that fueled a big creative side. Maybe the reason he became an Ayad may be because of his need to not stay in one place for long, to travel and explore new places and see/meet new people. He was born to wander and even as a child he used to manage to get away from his parents and get into mischief without even meaning too. Far too curious for his own good perhaps.

Compassionate and selfless, he often puts others before himself but that's not always a good thing since there are times where he should be thinking of himself. Still he is usually the sort of fellow a friend could trust and know that they would have his loyalty. At the same time, he is sort of secretive and vague. He rarely talks of himself especially his past and has a shroud of mystery about him. Alexius is an excellent story-teller due to that big imagination of his and it can be seen his performances as he often tells a story with music and dance. However, he also likes to tell them too, sometimes folklore or makes up his own, maybe even introducing events that have actually happened or people who are based on other people.

This adventurous nymph also happens to have a quick temper. It's usually takes a lot to annoy him but when someone manages to do so he's a spitfire. Some might call it feisty. When he is in a mood, he can be impulsive and even more instinctive sometimes not thinking about what he is doing. It can be either useful or just make things worse depending on the situation. Lexi is easy to cool down though and never seems to hold any grudges or truly hate someone unless given a very good reason. He's a dreamer and kind of likes solitude but often enough he does have a sense of loneliness and must connect with people even if it's just listening or observing others. He loves the bizarre and unique and appreciates others with creative minds. Alexius is good at reading people by their behavior goes hand in hand with his intuitiveness. However, he is an optimist and likes to believe the best in people.


BIRTHPLACE: Just outside of Sequoia Village in the Fae Forest.
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Though technically homeless, he's been in Alexshire specifically New Alexandria for a little over a month.
OCCUPATION: Lexi is a street performer, specifically dance, music, and acrobats.
DAILY LIFE: When he's not on the move, Alexis will spend his nights sleeping anywhere comfortable enough for him to do so. Sometimes he'll manage a more sheltered room for the night but he obviously doesn't mind sleeping outside under the stars at all. When morning comes, he might use some of whatever he made the previous night for some breakfast then start to make his rounds. Basically go around the city (or wherever he may be) and perform. He doesn't like to stay in one place for too long though.
    Spouse: None
    Children: N/A
    Father: Henrik Folke (deceased)
    Mother: Demetria Folke
    Siblings: None known

GENERAL BACKGROUND: Alexius was born in March to a dryad Nymph mother and a Swedish-American human father. It was only a year after his parents had married and moved to the grove his mother protected just outside of the city in the Fae Forest. His father often went into the city and like Alexius he was a wandering sort with a passion for travel and exotic places, maybe why he came to Elysia. Unfortunately, Lexi didn't get to see his father much but when he was home he was always attached to him listening to his every word. They had a close bond even when apart. Lexi really looked up to his father who was incredibly smart, a bit eccentric in a humorous brilliant way, and an even more glorious story-teller. He always made little Alex laugh with his stories of adventure and he never cared if they were true or not. His mother was always there but he was his father's son.

One day when, on the eve of Alexius's tenth birthday, his father came home unexpectedly. The whole family spent the day together in bliss and he just knew tomorrow was going to be the best birthday ever. However, neither of them knew that Henrik was quite ill with something that no healer seemed to be able to eradicate from his body. When morning came, it seemed Lexi's father had passed on in his sleep. It devastated Alexius and he never favored his birthday from then on. So afterward, it was truly just him and his mother. He got older but never celebrated his birthday, time just passed and he accepted what happened but it still remained a sort spot. Of course like most young nymphs, when he turned sixteen he was sent off to the wild with a good amount of knowledge of survival.

After his two years alone, in which he reflected quite a bit in the comfort of nature, he performed the famous ritual and bonded with the element of air. It suited him well and he knew even if he wasn't there that his father was proud. Demetria, his mother, told him so. Alexius knew he had to go, he couldn't stand to stay in the spot any longer especially after all he had experienced in the past two years, and so after a month he said a bittersweet farewell to his mother and went off on his own to make his way in the world. He never stayed in one place for long but he learned so much and made new friends every where he went. Lexi knew he couldn't make it as a warden like his mother and thus sought after a wandering lifestyle. Not too long ago he found himself in Alexshire and even more recently New Alexandria, who knows how long he'll stay but for now it's home.


    A well-crafted string instrument made by the famous Antonio Stradivari and handed down to Alexius by his father who was also a violinist and pianist. Spruce was used for the harmonic top, willow for the internal parts, and maple for the back, strip and neck. It is a dark reddish color and includes a matching bow, resin, and a soft black cloth case. He always keeps it close with him.


  • Flora & Fauna: Good
  • Elysian: Fluent
  • Sylvan: Fluent
  • English: Conversational
  • Swedish: Conversational
  • Anyeli: Mediocre
  • Zanaryan: Poor
  • Latin: Poor
  • Violin: Excellent
  • Flute: Learning
  • Dance: Good
  • Acrobatics: Excellent

• NPCS •

  • NILA
    Species: Blue Lorikeet
    Gender: Female
    Age: 9 years
    Physical Description: Nila is about 18 cm long with a short rounded tail. Her plumage is dark royal blue in color except for a patch of white feathers over her upper chest, throat, and lower face. Some of the feather on top of her head are light blue streaks. Nila's beak and legs are orange while her eyes are a yellow-brown normally but sometimes appear darker. When she was a juvenile her white patch was more of a grayish blue and her beak was completely black.
    Personality: Nila and Alexius have similar personalities which make them a good pair. She's friendly and affectionate but has her quirks a temper that occasionally makes itself known. For the most part she is easy-going but seems less trusting than her companion.
    Distinguishing Features: Other than the brilliance of her feathers, nothing much else.


Packs Used: Starter (5)
Posts Used: None

  • Elemental Manipulation 2
  • Beast Taming 1
  • Urbantis 2

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