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Posted 30 January 2010 - 05:06 PM

January 30th, 2010
Issue #009
It's only been a month since the last issue of the Digest, I know, but the new Chronicles will be running on a bi-monthly basis and, all in all, it's better for me if the first issue of the year comes out at the beginning of February or the end of January rather than the very beginning of the year.

I'd greatly appreciate an idea of which sections you enjoyed and which you think need some work, but mostly, I just hope you enjoy the new format! :)
Marshal's Wife Murdered!
The crime rate in New Alexandria has been on a steady incline for the past decade and many of the murders have been attributed, truth or not, to vampiric activity. Many Alexandrians have complained about the lack of follow-up on the part of the City Guard, but it seems today those complaints will finally be heard with this most recent of murders.
"We're a protective force, not an investigative unit."
Late on the 27th, the wife of esteemed Marshal Cáel Oisín was found dead with suspicious puncture marks at her jugular. The Marshal, who oversees the City Guard offices that are spread across Alexshire, was said to be "distraught".

"This is the first time we've had conclusive evidence of a vampire attack," said Oisín's second-in-command.
"We're a protective force, not an investigative unit, so we've never been able to follow up on cases we've had in the past beyond posting for help on the noticeboards around town, but there's absolutely no way Cáel will let this go."
"We want justice."
And it's about time, say Alexandrians who have suffered their own losses. "Vampire attacks or not, when people are murdered there should be justice. It's about time the Guard got off their butts and did something."
by Mary-Ann Portello,
for the Alexshire Chronicles
(January 2nd, 2010)
Marshal Calls for Action. City in Uproar!
Less than a month ago, the wife of highly esteemed Marshal Cáel Oisín was murdered. When all evidence found pointed to a vampire attack, Oisín took unusual action. "Our remit isn't normally to hunt for criminals," stated Oisín's second-in-command, a man whose concerns for the future of the Guard have been well vocalised in the last few weeks. "We protect the people and prevent crime where we can, but we don't have the man-power or jurisdiction to chase murderers or thieves across the country."
"It's a witch hunt."
That hasn't stopped Oisín from demanding a city-wide warrant which would grant his men the authority "to freely enter the homes of civilians in the search for any vampire that might dwell therein", a demand that has the city in an uproar despite earlier demands for justice.

"It's a witch hunt," claimed the Vampire's queen, Bailey. "He's grieving, and I sympathise, but this is no way to exact justice and we won't stand by while our people become scape-goats." She went on to say that, while there's little doubt the murderer was a vampire, the race as a whole should not be punished for it, but that certainly seems to be the Marshal's goal.
"The city's in an uproar over this warrant," said a senior Guardsman straight from a disturbance. "This warrant gives the Marshal's men permission to do anything they like while in the course of their "investigation", but none of us have received those orders." Which begs the question: Who, then, if not the City Guard, will be hunting these vampires? We asked Marshal Oisín for the answer.
"The Marshal's men can do anything they like now."
"A special task force that I'm putting together myself. They'll be specially trained, equipped and authorised to seek out the vampire scourge and end any threats against Alexshire's citizens," said the Marshal who still wears the colours of mourning in honour of his murdered wife. "Alexshire cried out for justice and protection and it's past time we responded."
by Mary-Ann Portello,
for the Alexshire Chronicles
(January 29th, 2010)
"Yes, your boyfriend, who I've never met, and I have a glaring club. We meet up twice a week and practice, share our stories about favourite glares we've had, [and] swap tips on how to perfect our technique." ~ Lucas 1 2
Catch Up With Kiel
Vampire Hunt
Know of a Vampire threat?
Call ### ### ####
Blood Shortage!
Donate Blood Now
visit your local healer
Down in the Dark 1
Like, dude, man, I'm probably the only non-Therian who's been admitted into Rowan, and I'm not allowed to tell anyone. That sucks, you know? Except, like, now nobody can ever find out I spent more time stuck to a wall than battling the big bad, but whatever, man. I was crazy awesome as bait! :D And those Tunnel Runners, man! Like, woah, you know?
Stalker Apprentice 1
Hahahaha, I totally picked up a stalker when I was at work the other day. Lucas is cool, man, but he glares a whole lot and I could never quite figure out if he was being serious or not. :? It was fun having someone to talk to while I was working, but, like, I don't think Luc was all that thrilled, hahahaha.

And, like, DUDE. What the hell was in that package anyhow?
Over the Rainbow 1
Me and Phenny totally decided to take a trip when we met up in the Underground (which, like, totally awesome, man!) I gotta meet up with her later and then she's taking me to meet her grandparents in the forest. :D
Lovers' Spat 1
Dude, like, dude! Me and Zeph were totally off on an awesome trip. Like, he agreed to come meet my folks and celebrate my four-hundred and seventy-seventh birthday, how cool was that, right? Except then he called me a pig, the meanie-head. :( It's gonna be awesome catching up with my family, though, hahahaha. I wonder how they'll react about Zeph, though. :?
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OOC Updates
Calendar Competition
Begins Feb. 5th
Vampire Hunt
Have a Vampire? Sign up to be a victim of the Marshal's warrant!
  • [x] Feedback Surveys A new and improved way to get easy feedback from you, and you can get cash for it too! :D
  • [x] New Staff Please welcome Colleen to the ONPC Writing team. <3
  • [x] Inspire a Skin! The banner contest ended with three entries. Congratulations to our winner, Skyla, and huge thanks to everyone who participated! <3
2010 on EF
The rewrite of the level system was a long time in the making, and I'll be the first to admit that a lot of things got put aside in the meantime. Since the new powers system went online, so to speak, I feel like I've done nothing but catch up on things. Like contests. XD
I've always taken my responsibilities as an admin very seriously.
Since my mum passed away last August, my real life circumstances have changed quite a bit, too. Where before I could afford to be up three days straight and crash whenever my body would let me (which inevitably led to spending my whole time on EF tweaking things here and there that didn't always need tweaking (:), I just can't do that any more. My lights go out at 9pm, leaving me to work by lamplight, and even I'm not dedicated enough to strain my eyes like that. <_< Which essentially leaves me trying to squeeze as much EF time as I can out of a drastically reduced slot, and I'm not always successful.

The good news is that the changes have actually motivated me a little more in many ways. It's easy to become listless about something when you're doing it constantly, so while I may not spend as much time here, I think it will do me and the site some good in the long run.
But I do have to ask your forgiveness and for your patience (even though it's sadly not a virtue I myself can lay claim to <_<). I've always taken my responsibilities as an administrator very seriously (some might even say too seriously), so it always pains me when I can't get things done. And I have so many plans and ideas for EF's future that it's always been difficult for me to prioritise and not try to do them all at once.

That said, EF's evolved so much since she was established in June 2006 (that's almost three and a half years already, people! :D), and every day you inspire me to delve deeper into the world we've created. I feel now that with the powers rewrite out of the way, I can focus on the good stuff.
I have so many plans for EF's future!
So, even though the new year's come and gone, I want to raise a glass to EF and all of you who make her what she is. I'm looking forward to finding out what 2010 brings. Salut!
~ Emma
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The Numbers Game
Since this is the first time I'm doing this, these numbers are what we've accumulated in the new year. :)
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