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Posted 17 March 2010 - 12:33 AM


AGE: 19


GENERAL: I'm pretty relaxed about godmodding in general, as long as if fits within the personality of my character.
INJURY: Basically, other than killing her/cutting off her limbs, you're good.
TORTURE: Hmmm I guess it depends what kind of torture. For example, it you're doing it to get information of some kind, this character won't hold out very long; she's pretty weak-willed that way.
TRANSFORMATION: No turning of this character, please.
HELPING: I'm not sure if Ash would let you help her or not; she's quite skittish, and she might try to hide away first. Give her a chance to react in these situations -- unless she's unconscious. Then just go for it!
OTHER: I am okay with spells being used on her in general, such as reading her thoughts or charming her, etc. If it's something quite big, though, I'd like it if you just gave me a heads up beforehand what you plan to do.
NOTES: As far as sexual acts go, that also depends on the situation and the both what your character is feeling and what my character is feeling, so I’d appreciate it if you would PM me before taking any action just to let me know what you are planning, and then we’ll see whether it’s a situation where you can godmod or a situation where I believe it’s more likely Ash would do something else.


FULL NAME: Ashling Rees.
GENDER: Female.
REAL AGE: 18 (Young Adult)
RACE: Therian.
CLASS: Is there a class sytem for Therians? I couldn’t find it?
DATE OF BIRTH: January 26, 9992 XA (1992 AD)
FINANCIAL STANDING: Ashling has enough money to afford the necessities, but that’s it. She doesn’t particularly mind her lack of wealth, and she ekes out a living for herself quite well by her own standards.


MODEL/PLAYBY: Darla Baker.
ETHNICITY: Caucasian.
HEIGHT: 5’6”
HAIR COLOUR & STYLE: Ashling has heavy, thick dark hair that is never dressed or styled in any particular fashion. It it simply left to fall down her shoulders in slight disarray. Ashling also has heavy bangs that constantly fall into her eyes.
BUILD: Ashling is has a slight frame but long limbs built for speed, especially running.
FASHION SENSE: Ashling is fairly clueless about fashion sense, if only because she tries to be in human form as little as possible. Generally she’ll throw on whatever happens to be available when she transforms, dirty or not. Generally some kind of shift or slip (most of them ratty and of poor material), if only because they’re easier to take on and off. However, Ashling as feels a lot colder in human form without any pelt protecting her, so she does have a tendency to want warmer clothing and coats when they are available. She hates wearing boots/shoes.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Ashling was once caught in a trap in dog form, the kind that snap around an animal’s foot to keep them still while a hunter comes. She was eventually healed, but she had been left in the trap long enough that even in human form there are rough white lines etched around her left wrist.


Ashling likes to spend most of her time walking around in dog form; other beings make her nervous, and she has always felt more comfortable around other animals than humanoid beings. While walking around in public through a city or village she tries to do as much as possible in dog form; often, if she if accompanying someone or if someone is accompanying her, she will stay close to their feet and even try to hide behind their legs should they stop to say hello to someone. All the same, Ashling act like a human in dog form, and like a dog in human form, generally speaking. Ashling will even do most of her grocery shopping as a dog.

One is most likely to meet Ashling in humanoid form within the walls of a home or place she is comfortable in. Ashling is mostly uncertain of herself and her own capabilities – she feels more vulnerable as a human-looking girl, and finds it hard to communicate with strangers – even the newly-hired clerk at a store might make Ashling jittery if she met them as a human. That being said, it takes a while to get Ashling to be comfortable around a person, but when she does, she reveals a nature that might surprise some; she has an innate need to take care of others, but she’s not quite sure how to help. Ashling feels the same thing for strangers she might see in a state of turmoil, but, of course, she is often to uncertain of her own ability to help to approach them and try.

Ashling will never be combatively strong, but she is very fast. She has a quick reaction time in either animal or humanoid form. She is also quite gullible and therefore easy to trick. She’s very curious about everything, which wars with her aversion of strangers. There is nothing Ashling truly fights for or will stand up for, except perhaps those people she cares about or endeavours to help in some way.


BIRTHPLACE: Rowan Caverns.
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Box flat, New Alexandria.
OCCUPATION: Inter-city courier.
DAILY LIFE: Ashling starts her day by falling out of bed, usually because she’s normally fallen asleep still in dog form only to wake up and realise she’s in humanoid form again. Ashling never seems to get used to the feel of expecting to be a dog when you open your eyes only to find you’re not. Thus Ashling ends up wide awake very quickly; she might go about making breakfast if she’s very hungry, but generally Ashling has large dinners that keep her sated until lunch. If there’s nothing to do that morning within her home, Ashling shifts into a dog and goes about the rest of her day.

Ashling greatly enjoys her work. It is much easier for her to approach other people as a canine, which makes it easier for her. Also, as an inter-city courier she loves to dash around at top speed to deliver her goods as fast as possible, testing her own speed and skill and sometimes chasing other stray animals that might cross her path on the way. Ashling gets her meals during the day via the more generous shop owners and merchants who might slip her scraps while she trots along the streets; whether they think she’s only a normal dog or know she is Therian makes little difference, Ashling feels no shame eating these offerings. On her breaks or on slow days, Ashling takes her time doing some shopping or window-shopping, or accompanying her companions on their errands if only for something to do. If she feels the need, she might head down to a nearby pub if only to sit on a stoll bench and await food offerings from customers and bar tenders alike.

Near the end of the day, Ashling heads home. She hides a coat outside the premises so she can morph back into humanoid form to get into her home (pets are technically not allowed, you see). Only within the safety of her home does she revert to her humanoid form; and from here she goes about cooking a large dinner (one of her favourite hobbies is learning to cook) whether for herself or for others who may live with her or simply be guests. Nonetheless, Ashling still likes to curl up in her bed as a canine, where she falls asleep fairly early in the night if nothing else requires her attention, or if there are no other packages to be delivered.
    Spouse: N/A.
    Children: N/A.
    Father: Kieran Rees.
    Mother: Sorcha Rees, deceased.
    Siblings: Ronan Rees, elder brother (9 years older)
    Paternal Grandparents:
    Maternal Grandparents:

GENERAL BACKGROUND: Ashling was born in the Rowan Caverns, and with her life came her mother’s death. Consequently, Ashling was raised by her father and elder brother, both of whom are nothing like her. Ashling’s brother and father are both strong, fierce men who perform hard manual labour every day and are influential figures within the Rowan Cavern community. Ashling has always been meek in comparison, and has never liked herself for that. But she loved her little family dearly, and so she did her best to help with the small things; gathering food, making fires, cooking meals. But throughout her efforts, the sense of inferiority lingered.

Through childhood, this self-consciousness only grew. Ashling was something of a “runt” compared to others her age, and she was fairly useless; in fact, the only thing she could do well in comparison to her peers was her shifting. Ashling appeared to take to shifting much more quickly than her peers, her favourite being that of a puppy. She liked this form because everyone seemed to smile when they saw a little dog crawling about; her father included. Ashling used to be proud of this, until her peers, jealous of this one talent, began to scorn her for her human looks. Too tiny, too frail, unable to do anything, useless, talentless. These were words Ashling heard from her peers both behind her back and to her face. Hair far too raggy, limbs far too awkward, too shy, too stupid, too ugly. They scorned her for being of so little help to her father and brother who were much more powerful. These sentiments, so similar to the insecurities Ashling carried, resonated in the small Therian and took them to heart. Ashling became an easy target for mockery of any kind as she never stood up for herself or retaliated in any way. Every day Ashling seemed to droop more and more, seemed to stay in animal form more and more, if only to make her feel safer in her own skin.

At 15, the opportunity came to leave Rowan Caverns, and Ashling took it. She left her father a parting note but, unable to face him, disappeared in the dark of night. Since then she has made a small place for herself in New Alexshire and has the opportunity to go to many different places through her courier work. Nonetheless, Ashling dreams of returning home, but she fears being only a further disappointment to her family.




  • FORM NAME House Mouse/Fancy Mouse.
    Type: Small domesticated animal. Rodent.
    Physical Description: A plump little brown mouse with long whiskers and a long tail. Still fairly fast, she weighs about 15g in this form. Ashling is a little paranoid about using this form because a lot of things try to eat her or kill her.
    Distinguishing Features:Scar around the left wrist, white paws.

  • FORM NAME Tamaskan Dog.
    Type: Medium domesitcated animal. Canine.
    Physical Description: Lupine in appearance with wolf-like features. Generally these are quite large, athletic dogs; Ashling is more slight and closer to an adolescent-sized Tamaskan. Weight at about 55lbs. Straight bushy tail and thick double coat in wolf grey, which might explain why Ashling has a tendency to feel chilly when in human form.
    Distinguishing Features:Scar around left paw, white ‘socks’ on each paw.

  • FORM NAME Stymphalian
    Type: Avian, medium predator.
    Physical Description: Stymphalian birds are similar to the blue heron in shape but are a mottled brown and white with pink and purple overtones. Ashling herself is more dominantly brown and pink in this form than an average stymphalian. The body is slender with purple tail feathers, and there is a crest of three long feathers that lift from the top of the bird's head whenever it feels threatened. Ashling is still smaller than is normal for this type of creature.
    Distinguishing Features: Damaged feathers on the left wing, white tips on the wings.


  • Knowledge:Culinary Arts. Good. (This is one of Ashling’s favourite pastimes, and she’s very critical of her dishes.)
  • Knowledge: Camping/Outdoor Suvival. Excellent. (This is common knowledge shared with Ashling by her father and brother; they often slept under the stars.)
  • Knowledge: Zanaryan: Poor. (Basically ‘Hello’, ‘Goodbye’ and ‘Thank you’. Ashling has quite the interest in the language, since its so foreign to her, coming from the Rowan Caverns -- so she tries to pick up a few things here or there when her clients are Zanaryan.) Elysian: fluent. Sylvan: Moderate (Living in close quarters with Nypmhs helped Ashling to pick this one up.)


    Physical Description:
    Distinguishing Features:

    Physical Description:
    Distinguishing Features:

    Physical Description:
    Distinguishing Features:

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