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THIS. IS. ELYSIAAAAAAAA! -dramatic flail-

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Posted 17 May 2010 - 12:54 PM

SO. I've gotten all interested in this whole EF wiki thing now that I'm not in school for the summer and have random free time again. And thus I made a profile thingamajigger.

Emma's got one too, you see.

So anyways, this happened...


[08:22] Emma+: And I totally want to invade your wiki profile
[08:22] emoxorxnot: WHUT AE YOU INVADING WITH?
[08:23] Emma+: <_<
[08:23] emoxorxnot: if you do, this will spark the first EF wiki profile war
[08:23] emoxorxnot: you know this, don't you?
[08:23] emoxorxnot: I almost edited yours last night
[08:23] Emma+: That'd be kinda fun? <_<
[08:23] emoxorxnot: >.>
[08:23] Emma+: lolwhut!
[08:23] emoxorxnot: yuh
[08:23] emoxorxnot: XD
[08:28] Emma+: Hrm, if you almost edited mine, I guess I don't feel bad about editing yours >D
[08:33] emoxorxnot: xDD
[08:33] Emma+: no, srsly
[08:33] Emma+: wahahahaha
[08:35] emoxorxnot: oh geez
[08:35] Emma+: wehwhehehehehe
[08:36] Emma+: Only thing is, I'm not sure a footnote is appropriate :o
[08:38] emoxorxnot: -snickerflee-
[08:38] Emma+: o_O
[08:38] Emma+: LAO
[08:38] Emma+: omg what'd you do to FAROAH!?#
[08:38] Emma+: LOL
[08:38] emoxorxnot: censored YOU NOTICED
[08:38] Emma+: LMAO!
[08:38] emoxorxnot: you can't undo it
[08:38] emoxorxnot: this is war!
[08:39] Emma+: ROFL
[08:41] Emma+: >D
[08:41] emoxorxnot: LMAO
[08:42] Emma+: heyyyyyyyyy, should we get the others in on this?
[08:42] Emma+: Like I can post on Twitter "1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a wikiprofile war!" >D
[08:42] emoxorxnot: dooo it
[08:42] emoxorxnot: but wait!
[08:42] emoxorxnot: I'm making a thread
[08:42] Emma+: >DDDDD
[08:42] Emma+: Why am I waiting?
[08:42] Emma+: Ohhhhh

And thus, the first great Elysian Wiki Profile War (henceforth known as the EWPW {to be pronounced as ooo-poo}) was born! And you are all invited! All you must do is make a profile thing on the Wiki which Emma will hopefully post more useful instructions for than I'll be able to xP And then go to someone else's profile and make a light-hearted edit to it. If we get more than me and Emma involved in this we might start posting about attacks so people can know who's "winning" the war. XD

Also, if you get involved in the war (either willingly or by being dragged in), you may NOT remove any attacks (read: changes) that are done to your profile, unless they are offensive or hurtful. That is all.

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Posted 19 May 2010 - 12:04 PM

So far, the winner is ME!!!

lolno, I jest. _

(To make a wiki profile, go to http://faroah.com/ef...iles/YOURNAME). Simples. :D

Also, to see whp attacked you, check the history for your profile page. XD)

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