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Posted 03 June 2010 - 10:12 AM

May 31st, 2010
Issue #011
Headlines from across the realms
Calamity Strikes Nubian Delta!
As blight destroys crops in Nubia, inflation spells disaster for our wallets!
Xanth Sighting in Daire
A farmer in Daire claims to have spotted the Creator neck-deep in affectionate animals romping through one of his fields. "She was happy," he told us. "I feel so blessed."
10 Dead in Danurai
The death toll has rocked Danurai this week as the citizens mourn for the ten killed by the most recent wraith attack. "Normally, [wraiths] stick to the Bogg but ... they get twitchy." Death rites for the victims begin on Monday.
Bystander Interviews
Hello! Carrie Pickle here for the Alexshire Gazette! I've been sent down to Market Row in search of humanoid interest stories, so I've decided to interview random passers-by. Ah, here's the first one now!

Where are you from and what's it like there?
I lived near Seqouia Village. It's very peaceful and different from New Alexandria. My family had this nice patch of land near the village where flowers of all colors grew and butterflies flew about in the spring... There was so much nature, you couldn't look anywhere without seeing trees and bushes and flowers. With so many plants, the air stayed fresh, too. I used to hike on a small forest trail near our home with my father. You'd think the woods wouldn't be safe, but with so many nymphs living around the area, we came more upon little animals than anything else. The sunlight would spill past the tree leaves in splotches of gold and color the earth. The paths were lined with tiny violet, rose, blue, and yellow flowers. I loved it!
     ~ Lazuli Kitay, aged 23
What do you have in your pockets?
Uhm, let's see... A sack of nuts to feed Flit if I need to. About 85 xanthos. A packet of tissues. A small flask of water - it's got a butterfly engraved on it, see? A dagger... just in case, you know. I'm not really talented with it, it's more of a just-in-case kind of thing. It's easier to carry than a Katar. Oh, 30 more xanthos. A small vial of bubble water, just for fun. Oh, and there's a sketch pad and pencil set in here as well. What? Oh, you wanted to know about my pockets, not my purse? Well... my skirt doesn't really have pockets...
     ~ Naava Makani, aged 26
What's your most favourite meal ever?
Steaks! I'm a meat person, I like to eat anything like chicken or beef or lamb or pork but I looove steaks. I like mine medium rare with a healthy helping of gravy.
     ~ Nicolay Armitage, aged 21
Catch Up With Kiel
Vampire Hunt
Know of a Vampire threat?
Call ### ### ####
Blood Shortage!
Donate Blood Now
visit your local healer
The Great Vampire Hunt Continues! 1
This whole thing is such a mess, man. Like, me and Phenny and Nic and Isabel are all trying to figure out the real deal while the city kinda just, like, implodes, man! Wah, help!
Worms 1 2
Nic totally saved me from a kelpie wolf, man. Well, like, I saved another dude first, and Shane was crazy awesome, but what's a kelpie even doing in the river in the first place, you know? And also, Sal was kinda creepy with that whole staring thing, man. But at least we saved a fisher dude!
What's Love Got To Do With It? 1 2 3
Me and Zeph totally broke up, man. Like, it was 'cause me and Phenny almost kissed when she was trying to make me study, and then I spilled the beans but accidentally told the dude I loved him, right, which was just, like, wayyyyyy bad. And then he didn't say anything so I had to go home but then he followed me, so we only kinda broke up.

But, like, should I be worried that he still hasn't told me he loves me?
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OOC Updates
Summer Camp 2010
  • [x] 1, 2, 3, 4 We've declared a profile war on the wiki!
  • [x] Xanth Day 2010 It won't be long now, so have your say in how we celebrate our FOURTH anniversary!
  • [x] Wiki Updates The profiles for vampires and Zanaryans were given a much-needed update during their transfer to the wiki, along with the Prize Shop and several other pages.
  • [x] Map Contest We had such beautiful entries for the map contest! Winner pending.
  • [x] Summer Camp 2010 Summer Camp began on June 1st with the promise of lots of prizes so be sure to check it out! :D
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