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Colleen's Characters

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Posted 23 June 2010 - 10:48 PM


o In progress
x Finished / Finished & Archived
s Stalled
+ In Limbo
? Unfinished & Archived or Ended Artificially (if at end of summary)

If a title and location are in italics, it means the thread is/was an official event.


o The Great Vampire Hunt @ Alexshire - New Alexandria's marshal has authorized mercenaries to find and arrest vampires. Phen and a few others are trying to stop the madness before war breaks out. (before Linguistics)

o The March Wind Blows @ Xanth's Quadrangle - Phen meets the Goddess as well as Naava, and somehow ends up becoming one of Xanth's acolytes. Her and Naava are now partners. Their mission? To educate Xanth's priesthood on what the goddess really wants as well as take care of the quadrangle. No pressure. (before Vampire Hunt)

o Bringing About Balance @ Xanth's Quadrangle - Phen and Sanna meet Txelu and Sophy. The nyad finds the vampire and his pet quite charming, whereas her angel snake could care less.


x Letter by Courier to Dante Errol

s? Texting Kiel: Surprise! to Kiel Taskel

x Note Slid Under Door to Lazuli Kitay


x Xanth's Grotto @ New Alexandria - Phen befriends Kiel, meets up with Dante and Kiel, and offers many a creative work to the Goddess.


x The Glowing of the Fireflies @ Daire - Lazuli and Faroah rescue Phen from drowning, and all three go on an adventure!

x An Underground Rainbow @ The Underground - While shopping, Phen and Sanna encounter Kiel. Phen invites Kiel to go with her for an overland trip to her home village, Silas.

x Stick 'Em Up! @ New Alexandria - First meeting Kiel by the bank with Sanna in tow, the nyad and 'vari go on a long journey to the nymph village of Silas. On the way, Kiel becomes Bonded with his shadowkin, Shane.

x Ring Around the Fae Tree @ Fae Forest - Kiel and Lazuli come to celebrate Phen's 20th birthday at a party held under the boughs of the Fae Tree. Her mother, Enyo, and her grandparents, Keyx and Reah, also attended. Chiko, Sanna, and Shane got off on the wrong, um, tail?

x The Art of Linguistics @ River Cora - What was meant to be a lesson in Latin combined with a picnic turns into a near kiss and a discussion on romantic philosophy between Kiel and Phen. (after Vampire Hunt)


+ Paper Trail @ The Ark - Phen applies for a part-time job and meets Lani.

+ Winging It @ The Birdcage - Dante attends one of Phen's performances.


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