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Posted 01 October 2010 - 09:30 AM

October 1st, 2010
Issue #012
Summer was so busy for me this year, both on- and offline, that I've been forced to re-evaluate certain things. As a result, the schedule for the Elysian Chronicles is changing from bi-monthly to just three issues per year. That may not seem like much but there's a lot of time and effort that goes into this newsletter and sadly I just can't manage that as often as I'd like (certainly and not be able to cover the other things that need doing as well).
There's so much to do! :o
Now that the bad news is over with, let's talk about the future! I'm sure by now you've had a chance to check out my todo list for the wiki so you can see what I'll be working on in that regard (focusing of course on finishing the races first).
Along with the priority stuff, I have plans to revamp the employment agency and to host plenty of contests with a view to filling out some of the areas on the wiki that are currently lacking (such as plants and places). There are also plenty of other pages that need writing up that I'm hoping volunteers will help out with. ;)

As much as I'm tempted (because our current and previous ONPC Writers have thrown out so many exciting ideas it's hard not to use them), we've decided not to run another site-wide plot until next year, possibly starting in the spring. ONPC is working on adding more quests to the Noticeboard, however, and I have some things lined up so there'll be plenty of things to do in the meantime. :)
If you'd like to suggest a topic for the editorial or ask a question, please PM me.
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It's been just shy of a month since a small band of Alexshire's finest did what the City Guard could not -- end the chain of violence that had plagued our fair shire since the murder of Marshal Cael Oisin's wife, Layla -- and the city is still reeling. Things have calmed down considerably but as one citizen said, "That whole murder thing was like someone picked us up and shook us, and now we're just waiting to see what else falls out of the pockets." There's certainly still plenty of tension simmering under the surface.
It's not just that she was murdered...
"It's not just that she was murdered," said newly promoted Lieutenant Katiara Sandstrom when she officially replaced traitor Timothy Brennig two days after his arrest. "It's that the culprits were two of our own. How are Alexandrians meant to put their trust in us after a betrayal like this?"
There has been further political outcry as the City Council took weeks to respond to demands for Oisin's demotion or outright dismissal pending an inquest into not only the Marshal's actions but those of everyone involved.
[Oisin should be] admired, not deplored.
Reports suggest the Council is more interested in quieting civil unrest than in discussing accountability, but perhaps this is justifiable. "There are precedents for wars coming out of situations like this," claims Alexshire's Chief Magistrate, who went on to defend the Marshal. "[Oisin] didn't let it get that far, he made tough decisions even knowing they were unfavourable ones. That's something to be admired, not deplored."
by Mary-Ann Portello,
for the Alexshire Chronicles
(dated Minevas 15, 10,010 XA)
Sandina's Chatbox
I reported months ago that our lovely Archangel (Persephone Anderton) was dating and that this new guy (rumoured to be an assassin, among many other terrible things!) had a certain air about him that made him an inappropriate choice for an Apalos leading her people to peace.

Well, I'm happy to tell you that the pair have split. In a spectacular scene and with a flair for the dramatic that would fare well on a theatre stage, our diplomat extraordinaire severed all ties with the brute.
I won't deign to repeat the words fired off by either party, but needless to say this reporter can't imagine either one of them extending an olive branch in the foreseeable future.

This of course puts the beauty back on the market and I'm sure she's already received a dozen or more offers, but Miss Anderton's spokesman has said that "[she] doesn't expect to enter into a new relationship any time soon but instead plans to focus on preparations for the upcoming trade summit."
by Sandina Abellio
for the Griffin Weekly
Catch Up With Kiel
October 2nd - 25th November 1st - 30th December 1st - 31st January 1st - 20th February 1st - 28th
The Start of a Beautiful Relationship? 1 2
Like, dude, man, who knew libraries could be so fun and romantic? Laz and Nic certainly seem to think so, but I'm still not convinced.
Roll Over, Play Dead 1
Dude! I knew Phenny's mom was bad-ass, man, but me, I wouldn't go near that crazy Aide Dazadi for all the grass in Dardanos. Dude, but I bet that fight was fun to watch, man.
Slave Labour 1
So, like, it seems like Lady Xanth got herself two new acolytes, right, but, like, I'm not so sure that's a good thing. For them, I mean. I heard she can be pretty demanding, hahahaha.
The Start of (Another) Beautiful Relationship? 1 2
Hahahahaha, don't you just love it when pets bring two people together?
Just Bad Karma? 1
Like, no matter who you are or how powerful you are, I don't think flirting with Xanth's a great idea, you know? But, like, hey, maybe Chen knows something we don't?
Art Noveau 1
Normally, I'd reckon that art and cheefles don't mix, but Naava and Laz here seem to have things well in hand. You go, girls! And also, two pretty chicks in the same spot? Why wasn't I there!?
Hoppity Hop 1
Wah! People who willingly go to libraries are so mean, man! Like, Rea was all, like, dissing me and my boyfriend and, like, why'd I have to hang around the library anyway, man? It's evil, evil!
One-Wing Goes Down 1
Dude, that Maaike chick is kick-ass! Hahahahaha, I feel bad for Aiden having to chase her across town. But, like, he's kick-ass too so I guess it's not such a bad thing. Besides, like, chalk one up for the good guys, woohoo!
When the Stalking Gets Tough, Let's Do Lunch 1
Like, is anyone else creeped out by this vampire chick? Like, if she was a bird she'd literally be a chick, you know, 'cause she's a kid, a kid! That's kinda creepy, you know? But, like, her and that guy Kazuma seem to get on okay. It's kinda hard to tell with vamps when they're being all "I'm watching you" and stuff, though.
The Start of a Business Relationship? 1
Like, I don't get what they were talking about 'cause business is boring, boring! But, like, Xeph and Kazuma were talking the other day and, like, watch out herbalists! I think you have competition, hahahaha.
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OOC Updates
  • [x] Cartographer's Guild Skyla won the map-making contest back in June with her gorgeous map of New Alexandria.
  • [x] Summer Camp 2010 This year's Summer Camp was a great success and lots of fun, resulting in some wonderful writing.
  • [x] The New Noticeboard Russ worked very hard on revamping the Noticeboard so it's more intuitive, more prominent and much easier to manage. He added new quests, too.
  • [x] Housing 2.0 The Housing system was reworked to make it more in-character.
  • [x] Cleric Me This Liv and Amber both won two pieces of the costume contest each after designing wonderful priest robes.
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