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Ionia Essytia Warrior Skotadi Anyeli Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 14 January 2011 - 11:02 AM

Age: 21
Gender: Female
Other Characters: Aiden, Remy, Kiril(retired), Elise(retired)


General: Minor stuff okay.
Injury: This one’s a fighter, so plot away. :D
Torture: Probably. PM me and we’ll figure if it’ll be IC or OOC.
Transformation: I’d rather not turn her, but what the heck. Just try it. :P
Helping: Oh, you’re too kind~!
Other: Telepathy and other mind-based stuff are all okay.
Sexual: She might have a fling here and there. Details will fade to black.
Notes: Can be GMed by my characters.

Mystery in Claws (Nia & Extai)
Calcia Calling Calumny(Nia, Alain, & Kiel)
The Acanthan Arc
Hunting Hydra (Nia & Kiel)
Reap What You Sow (Nia & Jericho)
Running on a Sunny Afternoon (Nia & Maaike)
The Anorian Expedition (Anorian Crew)
The Endless Road (Nia & Maaike)
Sleepy Head (Nia & Faroah & Xanth)
Riverside Horror House (Nia & Nero)


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Posted 14 January 2011 - 08:01 PM

Packs Used: Starter (5/5), Heroic (15/15)
Posts Used: 52 (3)

* Purchased for 12SP after the changeover in November 2012.


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Posted 15 January 2011 - 01:38 AM

Full Name: Ionia Essytia
Nickname(s): Nia, Oni
Gender: Female
Real Age: 317
Apparent Age: 25
Race: Anyeli
Class: Skotadi
Specialty: Warrior
Date of Birth: December 16, 9694
Financial Standing: Quite well-to-do.
Sexual Orientation: Who knows?

Model/Playby: Looking. Any suggestions? ;P
Ethnicity: ^^^
Height: 5’5”
Hair Colour & Style: Brownish purple, but naturally brown. It is a little past shoulder length and is naturally wavy. She keeps it in either a high ponytail or tied in two low pigtails.
Eye Colour: Light gray.
Build: Athletic toned.
Fashion Sense: Her clothing tends to be monochrome with a splash of one different color. Ionia favors loosely-fitted cotton pants since she thinks denim is uncomfortable. For the top, she’ll wear anything as long as it’s comfortable and the sleeves don’t get in the way. Since she’s often on a hunt, she’s frequently seen wearing a pair of black gloves and armguards.

Distinguishing Features: Thin white scars along her leg and arms from mis-judged blades. She also has a scar on her shoulder from an old arrow wound.

Nia is a bit of loose cannon. Unpredictable, bound by few morals, and sometimes inappropriate, Ionia cares about very few people other than herself. If she’s nice to you, then you’re lucky that she’s in a good mood. If she’s very nice to you, it’s only ‘cause you have something that she wants. She has a hell of a temper, and she lets her hotheadedness control her as long as there’s a good excuse.

The war is over, but she still lusts for battle, which is why she has taken up the post of local hunter around the River Cora. She fights with bursts of aggression, and with a mix of kicks and punches, but mostly kicks. If it comes to a weapons fight, then her style shifts to a mix of daggers and kicks. She is a wicked, wicked girl and is prone to teasing and taunting when things go her way. If somebody hurts her, then she’s hurt, and that’s just more reason for her to return the injuries.


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Posted 15 January 2011 - 01:41 AM

Birthplace: Kyriake, Dusky Mountains.
Current Residence: Calcia, a small settlement along the River Cora.
Occupation: Hunter & part-time apothecary.
Daily Life: She doesn’t have a set schedule at all, but she tends to wake up later, instead of early, in the morning.
Family History: See General Background.

    Father: Krisiu Essytia
    Mother: Ceri Lusus
    Cousins: Astelea, Eusimand, Anamet, Heanoly, and Zito.
    Paternal Grandparents: Unknown
    Maternal Grandparents: Zerilu Lusus, Vita Dicamo

Growing up, Ionia went to bed hearing stories of hard battles fought by her mother, grandparents, great-parents, great-great-grandparents, and so on. She was born in times of war, and has developed the practicality of people raised in those circumstances. Her parents met in the skotadi army. The two were deeply attracted to each other and knew each other for nearly a year. Then one day, Krisiu charged to defend a fort from attack and was never heard from again. Ceri was devastated, and further troubled when she discovered the existence of baby Nia.

Born out of wedlock, Ionia was the talk of the town for a few years, but her nature was soon overlooked as the struggle between skotadi and apali powers were more important. Ceri left a few years after Ioni’s birth to return to her duties. Thus, she grew up among her two maternal grandparents, a healer aunt, and a circle of cousins. She was the middle child among her cousins, but she got enough attention. Though Ceri was not often around, her visits always left positive impressions on Ionia.

Even as a child, she trained to one day become a warrior skotadi. Though she possessed some idea of stealthiness, she was better known for her speed and eagerness to battle. Her energy came to good use within the air force, and as airman, corporal, and sergeant, Ionia participated in many successful raids. War, however, took its toll on her in the form of heartbreak, disappointment, and bloodshed.

After one particularly bitter incident, something Ionia snapped. She became obsessed with training and improving herself, and overtime, became notorious for her aggressive style of fighting. Any encounter with the Apali was quickly ended, if possible—she was that eager to fight the next white-winged enemy. Her efforts did not go unrewarded, and she eventually reached as high as Wing Commander. Peacetime was declared a few decades later, and with no more enemies to battle, Ionia returned home.

Peacetime discomforted her to a sense of paranoia in Kyriake. To keep her mind off of war, Nia helped to guard the town from beasts, and often worked with her herbalist grandmother. But she wanted more, so a decade later, she left home and became a wanderer. She discovered the small town of Calcia a few years later. It endeared her at first, since the riverbanks were so different from the Duskies, but there was still very much activity from inhabitants, travelers and wild beasts. She eventually bought a home in Calcia, and resides there with one other person.


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Posted 15 January 2011 - 01:45 AM


  • House
    Address: 27 Myrrin Lane, Calcia
    Tier: Two
    Type: Cottage
    Pack used: Modest
    Description: The typical stone cottage (with clay-tiled roofs) surrounded by other cottages, Ionia’s abode lies near the edge Calcia, but it is still surrounded by other cottages. The entrance room doubles as a shop that is co-owned her housemate.

  • Shop
    Address: 27 Myrrin Lane, Calcia
    Description: A tiny little thing, this shop stocks up on various potions, tinctures, poisons, remedies, and items of that sort. While healing potions are always a given, some other items depend on the availability of ingredients. Ionia will occasionally mix items of her own, but she leaves the harder stuff for her Sidhe friend.



Nikodemos was once the pride of the Dimachi (the Anyeli air-mounted cavalry), surviving three bloody battles before being wounded in the final skirmish before the factions were called to peace. Retired at the early age of 4, simply because the unsightly scar across his nose made him useless for peace-time parades, he was consigned to live out the rest of his miserable days in the already crowded stables at Acheron.

Rather than see such fine equines rot, a stable boy took pity on them and "accidentally" opened the stable doors. He would be punished for his "failings", but took heart in his last view of the fleeing horses — and will swear to the end of his days that Nikodemos paused to look back at him, just for a moment before flying into the sunset, as if to say thank you.

Unfortunately, Nikodemos had been broken in as a war horse, and was finding it difficult to survive in the wild. His tamed mannerisms made other pegasi turn away from him, and he was too well-trained to follow orders in the heat of battle to be able to think for himself. It was not long before he was approached by Ionia in the wild, and he was almost grateful to become her mount once more.


Pack used: Modest

  • Ioni’s Favorite Pair of Daggers
    Two-of-a-kind mythril daggers created by Ioni’s blacksmith grandfather Zerilu. He gifted these to her when she was promoted to Squadron Commander. Both edges are sharp and quick to cut. Intricately decorated with Xanthium, the hilt of the dagger fits easily in Ionia’s palms.
  • Set of 20 Throwing Knives
    Simple steel knives. Bought from some store in Espur.
  • Ioni’s Favorite Pair of Armguards
    Made of mythril. This many-plated armguard was a gift from her grandfather Zerilu. The area near each elbow is framed by a purple-hued falcon. There are a few scratches on the right guard, but other than that, it is very clean.


  • A side-pouch to hold her important items during a hunt.
  • A worn-out leather backpack.
  • A closetful of clothing. Ie: White tank top, silk purple turtleneck with kumo designs along the back, black mid-sleeved shirt, white cotton pants with blue wave designs along the side, two black cotton pants, 3 black leggings, a pleated purple skirt, various shorts, knee-high boots, combat boots, white ankle boots, cute socks with various designs…
  • Blue checkered coinpurse.
  • A leather necklace with an iron rose and crystal beads.
  • a hand-scribed book relating to hunting and tracking predators of the Fae (from the Anorian Expedition)
  • A small wooden box with Anyeli carvings on the outside and a pair of ivory wings set into the top. It contains packets of a variety of common antidotes and curatives useful to adventurers, such as babana oil and boswellia. It also contains a set of 5 vials of carsic acid. ()


  • Anyeli: Fluent
  • Elysian: Fluent
  • First Aid: Proficient
  • Elysia’s Bestiary: Advanced
  • Elysia’s Plantlife: Acceptable
  • Diplomacy: Poor


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Posted 15 January 2011 - 01:48 AM

  • Trent Vaugn | Dryad Sidhe | 20 y.o.
    Physical Description: He’s a sidhe, so he’s pretty. Brunette, large brown eyes, a little over six feet, lean and lanky. Has green leafy tattoos on his left shoulder-blade. Totally not Ionia’s type, but she still thinks that he's cute.
    Notes: Laid-back and well-mannered. Originally grew up in the Fae Forests. He left to see some new sights, but was quickly influenced by bad people. Nia first met him in Nubia when he tried to steal from her (and she caught him). After breaking his finger, she took pity on him and gave him one of her potions. She didn't expect to see him again, but imagine her surprise when Trent turned up as an informant during one of her bounty hunts with Raphael. The hunt turned ugly very quickly, and he was saved by Ionia and Raphael. Since then, he has given up the life of thievery and now lives with Ionia.

  • Charlie Rizzo | Skotadi Anyeli | Appears 29
    Physical Description: A large a man with a scar on his chest. Has black wings, as typical of a skotadi. Blonde hair, broad nose and chin, and blue eyes.
    Notes: Nia's old friend from the anyeli civil war. Like Nia, Charlie also took up the hunting profession after retiring from the Skotadi army. He now resides in Danurai. When hunts cannot be solo'ed, Nia is the first one that he calls, and vice versa.

  • Raphael Demirci | Zanaryan Djinn | Appears 31
    Physical Description: He's only a few inches taller than Nia, but he is much more muscular. All of his facial features are sharp and angular, and he has red eyes, as typical of a Zanaryan. However, his hair is light brown.
    Notes: Nia met Raphael when he saved her from an ambush by desert naga. Has lived for the past few decades in the Scorpion Desert as a guard for the merchant caravans. Nia frequently contacts him for news on giant scorpion migration patterns. He occasionally chases after bounties, for which he may sometimes call upon Nia. Full name: Azat'djinn Raphael'Demirci ibn Rajeed al-muertezik abd'al-Ciro'djinn aal-Kesan il'Paia aal-Nysa il'Daire

  • Danica Maerile Aurumus Dracovari | Appears 23
    Physical Description: Tall with a willowy figure. She has barely any curves, but her attractiveness lies in her elvish eyes. Has a scar from the bottom of her ear to her chin from an unfortunate fight.
    Notes: Owns a empath store—she embeds strong emotions into objects and sells them to people. Nia and Charlie met Danica while chasing after a bounty. The bounty had targeted Danica as its next target, and was caught after they used Danica as bait. However, Danica is hardly fragile, and can support herself in a fight. While her main power lies in her mental abilities, Danica is also adept with a bow and arrow.


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Posted 01 March 2011 - 07:14 AM


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