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The Riverside Apothecary A place for cures and stuff Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 14 January 2011 - 11:19 PM

Located in Calcia, a small town along the River Cora.
Run by Trent Vaughn (an NPC), though Ionia drops by occasionally.

Whether intentionally or by chance, you have discovered the apothecary in the small village of Calcia. A small cottage among other cottages, the interior is quite tidy and filled with earthy color. Wooden beams and boards support the thatched roof above, and the floor is lined with wood as well. Except for the back wall, the walls are mostly bare, revealing shades of white and grey stone. A large window takes up nearly a third of the wall on the left. Somebody has pulled the glass backand drawn the purple curtains to the side, allowing the cool outdoor air to flow inside. A modest fireplace sits beside the window. All sides have been tiled with stone, and a small empty cauldron dangles above the place where someone might light a fire. Three wooden chairs sit clustered within the corner with the fireplace, as if this room might double as something other than just a shop.

Half of the small back wall has been dominated by a tall wooden shelf set within the stone wall. Along the top shelf are books that no doubt detail the subjects of wildcrafting, herbs, and medicine. Jars and vials of various sizes clutter the next two shelves, and the shelves below have been partitioned to hold many small wooden drawers. The bottom-most two shelves, which most people fail to see, are covered and locked by a big wooden board that can only be unlocked by Ionia.

In front of this wall is a counter with scribbles of paper and a cup of writing utensils at the side. Behind it is a large wooden chair covered with pillows of many colors. Somebody is sitting on it, and the young male looks up from the COM that he was texting upon. With wide dark eyes, brown hair, and a finely shaped nose, he might have been mistaken for a girl at a distance. “Hey there, how can I help you?”

Pinned to the counter's adjacent wall is a list of the shop's most recent inventory and prices. It's a lengthy list with messy writing. Those who value their time would be better off with asking directly for an item.

Most descriptions taken from EF Wiki.


Remedies & Poultices
  • Goldjelly Aloe Vera (ζ10)
    Mix of goldrush jelly, a bit of chiolen, and aloe vera. Sooths burns.
  • Bithanium Pebbles (ζ15)
    Dried bithanium paste from Dardanos that appears as small, dark brown pebbles that can be easily consumed to rid a body of any ailment that is assaulting its basal temperature, from a simple fever to intense hypothermia.
  • Babana Oil (ζ5)
    Relieves muscle pain. Often used by Therians.
  • Blue Willow Compress (ζ7)
    Helps to heal superficial cuts and bruises.
  • Some kind of blue poultice (ζ15)
    Mix of blue willow, arnica, and chiolen. Speeds up healing process by half a day.
  • Prince Charming (ζ10)
    A small glass vial with clear liquid taken from crushed arctic ineda flowers. When opened, it releases minty fumes that are strong enough to wake the unconscious.


Tea & Snacks
  • Regular Blends (ζ1)
    Pick one from: Earl Grey, Jasmine, Chamomile, Rose, or Fruit Tea.
  • Wake-Up-Call (ζ2)
    Tea made from a mix of stuff with a sting of mint. All harmless, but effective. You don't really want to know what's in there.
  • Babana Tea (ζ3)
    Drink this for relaxation.
  • Blue Willow Tea (ζ3)
    It's not particularly strong but the elderly often use it to combat the general aches and pains of age. Unique and tangy taste.
  • Tammish Flower Tea (ζ3)
    Alleviates minor coughs and other pulmonary conditions.
  • Starshaped Windfur Pellet (ζ50)
    It was coughed up by a windfur, and it kinda looks like a star, kinda. It has healing properties too! Or some people say. Who knows?
  • Raw Gurell Grain (ζ5)
    Really, who would buy this? All this does is cause digestive problems. Good for a prank though!


Availability varies, but it's usually there. Usually stored in a plain glass vial.
  • Jademine (ζ50)
    A pale yellow concoction meant for healing minor to moderate injuries. Active ingredients include the venom of a jade snake and the leaves of the jumenmine.
  • Golding - (ζ100)
    A yellow-orange potion made with the jelly of the goldrush tree. It can heal minor to major injuries.
  • Tepumine (ζ180)
    A blood-red healing potion for minor to life-threatening injuries. It's made with a mixture of tepua pollen, which gives the potion its colour, and jumenmine roots.


Antidotes are readily available for whatever venom Ionia sells (see next section).


Venoms & Poisons
Available for sale only when Ionia is present, so post and try your luck. For plotting purposes, PM Ionia and I'll make sure she's there. Potencies depend on the size and/or age of the flora/fauna used to create these. Ask if in doubt.

  • Khimaira Venom (ζ30-100)
    At the smallest level, it causes little more than a sting and reddened skin around the poisoned area.
  • Naga Venom (ζ80)
    Taken from the fangs of a Naga, this venom is strong enough to paralyse within minutes and kill smaller creatures.
  • Vial of Lunastur Juice (ζ30)
    Taken from the vine of a Lunastur, this is often used for long-ranged weapons due to its paralytic properties.
  • Vial of Lunastur Acid (ζ50)
    In short, it is what the lunastur uses to digest its prey. Very painful stuff.
  • Tepua Pods (ζ80)
    These pods can be carefully harvested and used as basic grenade-type weapons which explode on impact to release the gasses within, paralyzing victims for up to two hours.
  • Bithanium Paste (ζ120)
    Taken from Igneous Moss. The paste itself is deadly when it enters the blood stream of a living creature, essentially causing the victim to boil from the inside out.
  • Wolfsbane Powder (ζ70)
    Dried arnica that, when inhaled by Therians, dulls the senses and traps them in their current form.


Bits and Pieces
Available for sale only when Ionia is present, so post and try your luck. For plotting purposes, PM Ionia and I'll make sure she's there. Prices vary.
  • Beak of a hippogriff
  • Hippogriff tail
  • Kumo Web Silk
  • Windfur Fur
  • Cluster of 10 Stymphalian Feathers


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