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Posted 21 January 2011 - 01:22 PM

(Nick)Name: Emma
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Other Characters:

The same limits apply in general as for my other characters.

Full Name: Azat Djinn Zozeko Zubaidin ibn Nihim al-Walid ibn Karahim al-Walid abd'al-Risna ibn Serren abd'al-Cirodjinn al-Khayridji il'Artega aal-Fessijah al-Paiadjinn aal-Marport al-Dardanos
Meaning: Servant of Air Zozeko; the Patriarch of his House as son of Nihim the Merchant and grandson of Karahim the Merchant; servant of Ressa, the son of Serren, in service to the Djinn Lord Ciro; a gunner aboard the ship Artega; born in Fessijah, a village of the Great Djinn Nation of Paia, now residing in Marport of Dardanos.
Short Name: Azat Zozeko Zubaidin ibn Nihim al-Khayridji aal-Marport (Servant of Air Zozeko, the Patriarch of his House as the son of Nihim, a ship's gunner from Marport)
Shortest Name: Zozeko ibn Nihim (Zozeko, the son of Nihim)
Nickname(s): Zeko [ZEH-koh]
Gender: Male
Real Age: 669
Apparent Age: 34
Race: Zanaryan
Class: Djinn
Date of Birth: The 52nd day of Asharah in the 8,384th year of the Calendar of the Temple of Farahij (1342 AD)
Financial Standing: Zeko's income fluctuates since the life of a pirate is an uncertain one. He also sends most of his income (and the pittance his son, Malik, earns as a cabin boy) home to support his family. Their own food and board are covered as costs of running a ship anyway, so he doesn't actually need much, and his wife starts to harp on about his children starving if he doesn't send her enough. Besides, certain crew aboard the Artega would only be tempted to steal from him if he left his wages lying around.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Posted Image
shinjin base by leviathen | doll by me

Ethnicity: Pale-skinned but with Middle Eastern features.
Height: 5'11"
Hair Colour & Style: Grey-white and long, but usually twisted into a single braid and threaded through with a suede cord.
Eye Colour: Red

Build: He's fairly slender, since despite being a gunner he's often forced to help out with heavy lifting and the ship's rigging. He's also handy with his quarterstaff, a skill that doesn't come without practise. In some lights, though, he can look as if a stiff wind would knock him down.

Fashion Sense: Zeko is your stereotypical Zanaryan with the white hair and red eyes, and tends to still follow many of the Zanaryan fashion trends - including the penchant for adorning his wings, horns and clothing with decorative gold pieces and jewellery.

However, he does try to fit in with his crew, the result being a mix of fine and common fabrics. His favourite outfits are Zanaryan silk shirts worn with suede or leather boots, matching gauntlets and belts, and a long brocade jacket.

Distinguishing Features: Among Zanaryans, Zeko is almost entirely unremarkable - which annoys his vanity to no end, and so he dresses himself up with remarkable jewelry in unique combinations instead. The set he currently wears aboard ship is one gifted to him by his wife when their first son, Ikram, swore his allegiance to Lord Ciro.

Zeko is the quintessential Zanaryan: proud, racist, and very, very sexist.

For the most part, he manages to hide his racism, but just as Elysians see him and think "demon", he sees them as barbarians and simpletons. Conversely, he's intensely fascinated by them and even admires them when it suits him, a trait that is perhaps the only reason he can work aboard a ship where every other crew member (barring his son, the cabin boy) is Elysian.

He cannot, however, hide his attitude towards women, or his belief that they are very much the weaker sex, suited only for staying at home to raise their children. That's not to say he dislikes women, only that he's been raised in a very male-oriented society and has no interest of breaking out of those beliefs. It was, then, quite the shock to enter Elysia as a young man and discover that women everywhere were not the downtrodden servants of Men, but outspoken creatures with ill manners and jobs meant only for males!

Perhaps his greatest fear, as a result, is that the foreign culture will incite a rebellion within his own home. Indeed, he knows very well that while the cat's away, his mice will play, but as long as his women still obey him and honour Zanaryan tradition on the whole, he'll look the other way.

Actually, he's glad to have a wife who will take care of the daily running of the family, since it allows him to play the adventurer. He loves her despite theirs being an arranged marriage, though he can't really say he's in love with her, and he knows very well how lucky he is that she allows him to save face with neighbours and family alike while she manages the household in his absence. He's also proud of how well she's raised their children.

But his sexism can - and has often - caused problems between he and other crew members. Currently, he has peace because there are no females aboard, but he has served aboard the Artega and ships like her for the past three decades and every one has, sooner or later, hired a woman. Fortunately for Zeko, Elysian sailors can be a superstitious lot and have their own qualms about bringing a woman aboard (especially when she's so vastly outnumbered by the men), but it's usually Zeko's own attitude towards them which eventually leads to their jumping ship. Unfortunately, not all of the crew share his opinion that women belong at home raising their young, and pirates are not best known for their patience or tolerance. It wouldn't be the first fight on his hands.

Birthplace: Fessijah in Paia, Zanarya
Current Residence: He lives aboard the Artega, but his family live in a small house in Marport (see Inventory for details).
Occupation: Ship's gunner
Daily Life: As ship's gunner, Zeko's primary task is to defend the Artega using his control of air. He does this in many different ways, from merely speeding up his own ship or slowing their opponent's, or creating storms that will destroy a ship before it can attack. He's also called on to disable ships when the Artega is hunting for prey so his own crew can jump aboard. However, these battles occur only once or twice a week, so the rest of the time he can be found on deck literally putting wind in their sails.

Family History: Zozeko comes from a House of merchants and is the second son. As a youth, he was encouraged to compete with and surpass his older brother, Bashir, so that he might take over as family patriarch instead, but Zeko himself would have been content being leader of his own little family and ignoring the contest for power.

When his father and Bashir were both killed by an aggressive tribe while on a trade run through Ilia to Keikis, Zozeko - the oldest and highest ranking of the remaining siblings - became the patriarch by default. Already living in Elysia at the behest of his Lord by then, he was not in a position to return to the family seat in Fessijah and so left the daily running of his father's business, and his widowed mother, to the second oldest brother, Atuf.

He did, however, take in his youngest and unmarried sister Nasira, who now resides with Zozeko's wife and children in Marport.


    Spouse: Azat Djinn Layla ibna Zozeko ibn Hatim ibn Nuri
    Layla is the real force behind Zeko's family. While he's off playing pirates, she's the one who keeps a roof over their heads and food in their bellies. It helps that her husband and their eldest sons send home money whenever they can, of course, but despite Zeko's dislike for the idea of his women working for a living, and the fact that she must keep it a secret from him, she and Nasira still leave the youngest children at home with Zahrah so they can work. Unfortunately, being Zanaryan, proper jobs with regular income rarely last long so Layla is often forced to air-dance on a street corner or in a bar for money, and on the side sells Zanaryan jewelry that she, Nasira and Zahrah make.


    • Azat Djinn Ikram (301 (20)) is in Fessijah at his Lord's behest, and while there is learning the family business from his uncle Atuf. He earns very little as an apprentice since his food and board are provided by his uncle's family, but sends home what little he can.

    • Azat Djinn Judani (163 (19)) is also in Fessijah currently learning the basic Djinn skills from a cousin. Like Ikram, he lives with Atuf's family and earns next to nothing, but still sends home what he can.

    • Malik (64 (14)) lives with his father aboard the Artega and serves as a cabin boy. (See NPCs for more.)

    • Zahrah (48 (14)) lives at home with her mother and is mature beyond her years, having to care for Nuri and Rasha while her mother and aunt work.

    • Nuri (32 (13)) considers himself too old to be babysat and is reaching an age where he can take care of Rasha so Zahrah can reclaim some of her childhood. He's pushing to go out and work himself but Layla insists he remain a child as long as possible.

    • Rasha (6 (3)) is the baby and spends most of her time tottering around after Zahrah or Nuri.

    Father: Nihim ibn Karahim ibn Atuf (deceased)
    Mother: Fayza ibn Amir

    • Bashir (deceased)
    • Zozeko
    • Ridwana
    • Atuf
    • Nasira (382 (22))

    Paternal Grandparents: Karahim ibn Atuf & Malika ibn Jinan
    Maternal Grandparents: Anwer ibn Ihab & Naila ibn Juda

General Background: Zozeko was already 358 years old and married when Zanarya reconnected with Elysia. Sent through the portal on behalf of Lord Ciro and the Naharar, both of whom wished to have eyes on Elysia, his father also seized the opportunity to generate new trade contacts through Zeko.

Gradually, orders from Ciro stopped coming and it became clear that Zozeko's presence in Elysia - or his existence at all - had been forgotten. He could have returned home, of course, but by then he and his family were accustomed to life on the other side. Not wishing to uproot them or himself again, and still duty-bound to help his father extend their growing business, he stayed.

When his father and Bashir both died, leaving the House and business to him, Zeko again could have returned home. Indeed, doing so would have been the accepted course for the new Patriarch, but Zeko didn't want the responsibility. Instead, he was content to hand over the daily running of both House and business to his younger brother Atuf, a man Zeko felt was much better suited for such "mundane things", and grabbed at the chance to live the adventurous, carefree life he'd always dreamed of.

Contrary to his somewhat hedonistic tendencies, Zeko realises that he cannot abandon his duty forever and has vague plans to one day return his family to the House seat in Fessijah. He also knows that, at any moment, Risna or another of Ciro's servants might remember his existence and drag him home. Until then, however, he plans to milk his freedom for all it's worth, and what is a wife for, after all, if not to support her husband and his fancies?

  • House
    Address: 19 Baker Street, Marport
    Tier: 2
    Type: Domus
    Pack used: Heroic
    Description: A small, run-down wooden domus in one of the rougher neighbourhoods of Marport, Zozeko chose this house for its view overlooking the ocean (and four rows of other houses before it). Situated on a small hill near the docks, it was close enough for him to admire passing ships from his bedroom window, and now he likes to think that his family watch for him from there instead. (Indeed, when he sends word that he'll be docking soon, Nuri - and his older brothers before him - keeps a vigil at his parents' bedroom window until the Artega docks.)

    It has only three bedrooms, however, and is quite cramped for the size of Zeko's family. Zeko has really been meaning to find a more suitable place for years, but never quite got around to it. So here, Layla shares the master bedroom with the girls when Zeko's away, splitting the other two between the boys. When Zeko's home, however, the girls are turfed out and the boys have to share.

See NPCs for details. * marks a companion, the rest are just pets.

Pack used: Heroic

Posted Image
  • The Artega
    The Artega is a ship that is part-owned by its crew. A small sailed vessel with an equally small crew, it was originally meant for legitimate trade but fell on hard times and now also undertakes pirate missions as well. Despite its size, its speed - increased by Zozeko's air-bending - makes it a formidable opponent against defenceless merchant vessels. (See NPCs for crew list.)

  • Quarterstaff
    Zeko's staff is made of a common rosewood inscribed with Zanaryan script that details his lineage. It was a gift from his wife's father for their 100th anniversary. The caps and star charms at the ends, both made of gold, were later added as part of the same set Layla gave him for his wings when Ikram became an Azat.

  • Rasuli Bat
    See NPCs.

  • Quarterstaff
    See Special Items.

  • Qitar
    Zozeko's House isn't anywhere near wealthy enough for a "real" qitar, so the "gemstone" at the centre of his is merely coloured glass instead. Still, it's a highly ornate bronze affair with a silver inlay of Zanaryan script and the leaf-and-vines filigree symbolic of his House. The first four strings are made from unicorn hair, the last three from a monoceros, both of which were imported by his great-grandmother's father so he could have the qitar made as part of her dowry. It has since been handed down to the eldest son through three generations, but when Bashir died, Zeko claimed it for his own. "Bashir never played it anyway."

  • Ship's Rigging: Basic. (It's rare, but Zeko is sometimes called on to work the ship's rigging so he has a basic know-how to get him by.)
  • Trade: Intermediate. He was trained by his father to do well as a merchant and comes from a long line of them, but wasn't really interested in advancing and doesn't really have the head for business that first Bashir and then Atuf displayed. Sebastian does often consult him on their legitimate deals, though, so even now he can't get away from the business.
  • Qitar: Intermediate. He sometimes plays with Raven, but their styles can clash.
  • Zanaryan: Fluent.
  • Elysian: Fluent.

  • Djan Malik ibn Zozeko al-Khayri il'Artega
    Species: Zanaryan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 64 (14)
    Physical Description:
    Background: Malik was a troublesome boy, constantly getting into fights with the neighbourhood kids after suffering one insult or another, until his mother finally begged Zeko to "do something". Suggesting that he'd benefit from having a father who was present, Layla was actually trying to get her husband to quit the Artega and get a "proper job", but instead he took Malik with him as a cabin boy. He still gets into trouble - mostly over the crew's intolerance for his stench - and has no concept of who not to piss off, but at least Zeko is there to keep him out of the worst of it and he's learning a trade while he's at it.
    Distinguishing Features: Malik's wings are only three feet across so he can't really use them yet, but that hasn't stopped him from trying. As a result, the left wing has a bump part-way down a bone from where it rehealed after a break.

  • Hodge (short for Hodge Podge)
    Species: Rasuli Bat
    Gender: Male
    Age: 2
    Description: Hodge was actually not a pet of Zeko's choosing. Nuri found the bat, injured, while he and Nasira were in Fessijah visiting family. Nursing it back to health, he gave it to his father as a good luck charm, so it could look after him and remind him of of his family whilever he was away from home.

    Zeko appreciated the gesture but was ever so reluctant about taking the creature aboard ship with him, though it seems Hodge is more interested in sleeping in Zeko's coat pockets than doing anything untoward. He does prove useful as a courier, at least, when Zeko wants to send messages home (since owning anything of value aboard a pirate ship, such as a COM, is a very bad idea even if Zeko wasn't so dismissive of Elysian technology).

  • Crew of the Artega (descriptions from The Pirate King)

    • Captain Sebastian Jackson
      Sebastian, a Therian, has been captain of the Artega since the crew gave a vote of no confidence in their previous leader who suffered a near-fatal series of failed trading gambles. A hard man, Sebastian nevertheless is a strong leader who is respected, if not liked, by the crew. His distaste for piracy is evident, but he's a pragmatist with almost as large a family to feed as Zozeko. His favourite form is that of a hawk, enabling him to scout out prey with relative ease, and while attacking a ship, he's the first one in to the fight.

    • Navigator Adrian Dominic
      A Rutilus, Adrian is in charge of navigation and the sailing of the ship, including steering most of the time. He's the most familiar with the waters between Espur and Marport, so directs the Artega's course and looks after the maps and instruments necessary for navigation. Whenever Sebastian is below decks, Adrian is the one in charge.

    • Keegan Roul, Boatswain
      Keegan, another Therian, supervises the maintenance of the Artega and its supply stores. He's responsible for inspecting the ship and its sails and rigging each morning, and reporting their state to Sebastian. He's also in charge of all deck activities, including weighing and dropping anchor and the handling of the sails - so he and Zeko spend quite a bit of time working together.

    • Deion Gibb, Carpenter
      Gibb is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the ship's hull, masts and yards. He and Keegan work closely together, and his duties include checking the hull regularly, plugging leaks and reporting to Keegan any materials needed for maintenance.

    • Lucio Ristard, Healer
      Luc is a Viridis with a friendly smile, serving as the Artega's healer during times of need and as the cook otherwise. He's become something of a surrogate father to Malik, who reports directly to him as a cabin boy. This is to Zeko's relief (since he now doesn't have to do it himself) and dismay (because, after all, a Zanaryan places a great deal of emphasis on his position as a patriarch and father).

    • Cale Robberts, Rigger
      Cale spends a lot of his time in the ship's rigging and crow's nest, a dangerous job made easier by the sheer amount of time he spends in his monkey form. He likes to joke that he stays up there to avoid Zeko and Malik's stench, but there's a lack of grace about these jokes that suggests he's actually quite serious - and which causes a great deal of tension between he and the two Zanaryans. His job for the most part is as a look-out, but he's also up there to work the running rigging and to furl/release the sails as needed.

    • Raven Kam, Gunner & Boatswain's Mate
      Raven is a disgraced half-Sidhe run out of his commune for wilfully breaking the Sylvan Creed. He's an aggressive and almost feral Nyad who claims to have been born under a rock by a witch who died in childbirth and deserved it. Most of the time, he assists Keegan while learning the boatswain's trade, but during battles and storms he reluctantly helps Zeko as a gunner. He plays a mean kimaran, but his music tends to be just as wild as he is so when he and Zeko play together their styles can clash. The others often say how fun it is to listen to them compete for "ear time", though.

    • Malik, Cabin Boy
      Malik was practically kidnapped by his father and brought aboard the Artega against his wishes because he was "acting out". He was thrust into Luc's care as a cabin boy, and even though Zeko is meant to be giving him some fatherly guidance, it's Luc who is actually providing the father figure he desperately needs. Of course, Malik resents being bossed about and the sheer workload forced on him. He also resents his father for simply handing him off to some other man instead of taking responsibility himself, but he's also secretly thrilled to be on such an adventure.

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shinjin base by leviathen

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Posted 21 January 2011 - 01:23 PM

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Posted 30 June 2012 - 02:22 PM

Dearest brother,

Jibril'Fihr-sayyad ibn Makram has requested an audience with you. He claims a wish to discuss a marriage of our beloved youngest sister to his middle son, Lutfi.

On paper, the proposal appears beneficial to House Harith, and Lutfi seems a personable enough match for Nasira. I believe your lovely wife met him herself before she was given to you and may have some opinion of him worth hearing.

However, several clients of House Harith have mentioned in passing that House Fihr have been asking unseemly questions about our business in Pailas, and especially regarding your post in Elysia. I have spoken to loyal contacts who believe Fihr is preparing to move on Harith using your absence to rally dissatisfied members of our House against your leadership (and mine by default). If this is true, a marriage between Fihr and Harith can only be a diversion or a means to gain further access.

Forgive me, brother, but it is time for you to return to the House seat in Fessijah and to make your presence known.

Please convey my love to Layla and the children, and may your feet fly home.

Your brother,
Atuf'Harith-sayyad ibn Nihim

Dear Atuf,


Regards to you and yours,
Zozeko'Harith ibn Nihim


Come home now, or I will inform Mother of your lazy inattention and she will drag you home by the ear. This will be good for neither you nor our House.



I am too busy to return to Fessijah at present, and if you speak of this to Mother I will inform her of all your adolescent indiscretions.

I shall send Layla in my stead. She has the wiles of a woman and may persuade this Latfi of the undesirable consequences of marrying a harpy like Nasira.



His name is Lutfi, and if you tell Mother of my indiscretions, I shall tell Layla of yours. I believe Mother knows of most of mine, anyway.

Very well. I shall arrange a meeting with Lutfi for when Layla arrives. Will she bringing the family? Mother has spoken a great deal of late of her wish to see them.



Indeed, I believe she will. The youngest speak fondly of their visits with their grandmother, after all, and I do not trust them to remain in Elysia by themselves. Zahrah has cut her hair, of all ungodly things. Perhaps in Fessijah, she will remember what it means to be a woman.

My wife has informed me that, should I not make an appearance at the House seat soon, I cannot expect to ever have another child. In light of this, I have decided to return after all. However, it may take several weeks for me to arrive, so I have given her authority to judge Lutfi on my behalf.

I will see you soon, brother. Do not dare to speak of my indiscretions. I have been faithful to Layla since our marriage. She need not know what came before.

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