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Posted 14 September 2011 - 01:13 PM

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Unbonded Peteulanus Dracovarian


Height: 6'0"
Build: Jericho is medium-fair, tall and slim. He's always avoided picking up a weapon himself and he spends most of his time in his office, so his muscles are not well-defined. He keeps himself trim through healthy eating.
Eye colour: A piercing, cold blue
Hair: Short, dark hair that he often slicks back for a "professional" look.

First Impressions: Jericho is the quintessential Dracovarian businessman: cold, calculating and with a poker face behind sunglasses that hide the advantages of his Sept.

Distinguishing Features: He has several thin, faint scars on his back and torso and there is a jagged scar on his left hip. He wears sunglasses even indoors, and half-moon glasses to read or write.

Play-by: Joseph Gordon-Levitt


Jericho is Dracovari incarnate. He'd profit from almost anything and is not above using mind control to make people think they can't live without whatever he's trying to sell them. He also uses his powers frequently to hike up his prices, careful to ensure that a customer leaves happy — whether they want to be or not.

He would not consider himself a bad or "evil" man, but he's not altruistic either. He loves his family (insofar as an expressionless, near-emotionless man can love anyone). He'll even defend a mugging victim if it comes right down to it — though he'll immediately set upon the hapless idiot for a "reward" afterward.

His idea of a smile is a lip-twitch and he lies — but a deal is a deal and he'll uphold his end of a bargain come Hel or high water. Xanth help anyone who doesn't return the favour.


Name: Diorus Tiris, Diodore Thierré, Dior Thierry. His family still sometimes calls him Dior or Dee. He changed to Jericho when he moved to Hesia for a clean break.
Birthdate: Erimis 10, 8,323 XA (10th of July, 323 AD)
Birthplace: An obscure province that belonged to the Romans at the time. Jericho can't actually remember the name, or much about it beyond the fact that it was warm.
Financial Status: He would say he's "comfortably well-off", but his wardrobe is full of expensive tailored suits so he's a little more than that. However, much of his wealth is "business funds".


Marital Status: Separated

Partner: Misha
Ex-wife: Yocelyn
Children: Lucrece and Zoe, both girls

Father: Haimo Thierry
Mother: Adelina Thierry neé Vitorus
Siblings: Julien (oldest), Absolon, Petre (deceased), Emilienne, Cosme, and Lydie (youngest)

Paternal Grandparents: Yvette and Tristan Thierry
Maternal Grandparents: Urbain and Antoinette Verene



Jericho (Diorus as he was known then) was born somewhere within the Roman Empire, but his earliest memories are of the quiet village in southern France where he spent his adolescence. At the time, it was much easier for a 'Varian to hide their true nature and the villagers were all friendly, so his childhood was fairly stable in that sense. However, he lived through several wars and revolutions, eventually moving to Elysia with his family when they grew tired of watching humans kill each other.

Already following in his father's footsteps, Jeri became quite the savvy merchant, and moving to Elysia was a challenge he welcomed. He's moved around a few times, testing the waters in each of the three big cities and a few of the larger towns, but he's never grown attached enough to any one that he'd settle down — a good thing, since eventually people realise what he's up to and he's run out of town by either a mob or bad business. Currently, he's operating out of Hesia.

In all his years, Jericho has avoided fighting whenever possible, profiting instead from dealing arms and defences to those who do fight. He couldn't avoid Dimitri's and the Scourge Wars, though he waited until they began to affect his own livelihood before lifting a finger to help; he mostly made trade and supply runs, using his connections to provide weapons.

Early in his early adulthood, Jericho married another Peteulanus named Yocelyn, but separated from her when she asked a Guardsman to arrest him. She kept their two girls and has since had three boys with her new partner, Estienne. Jericho was not particularly surprised, nor disturbed, by her betrayal. Since splitting from his wife, Jericho has had a few temporary encounters, including the latest on-again off-again relationship with a Sidhe named Misha. The slender Wanderer shows up out of the blue once every few months, so they only spend a few weeks of the year together; Jeri isn't the type to play around, but his faithfulness is more from a lack of a desire to be with anyone else than any real commitment to the relationship, and he really can't say that Misha is equally faithful.



Address: 231 Lakeside Terrace, Hesia
Tier|Type: One | Insula
Description: Jericho has moved around enough that he's learned to keep his possessions small and contained. Aside from his trunk and his money, he could quite happily just ditch the rest, so he's content to live in a small apartment over his shop. Even then, he always manages to either find a place that's already quite luxuriously decorated, or will hire someone to do it for him once he's moved in. He does like his luxuries.

Address: 19 Dewy Brook Road, Corantha
Tier|Type: One | Insula
Description: When Jericho learned that an old enemy, Calvin Morris, had been sighted in Hesia, he promptly upped sticks and moved to Corantha. The river town is much less convenient than a big city with a portal so he was also forced to acquire faster transportation, but he didn't want to return to Alexandria or Espur just yet and Corantha is big enough (and close enough to suppliers) to make things work... for a while, at least.

Address: 19 Dewy Brook Road, Corantha
Description: Jeri's "shop" is a small space on the ground floor of his insula. The workshop in the back has been converted into an office that borders on the gawdy, deliberately decorated to exude wealth and confidence — all the better to con people with gain the trust of his customers. The storeroom at the front is lined wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling with various items he's picked up for sale, all the better to make him look like a legitimate merchant.


MOUNT (Special)
Name: Genevieve (Viv)
Species: Taroch
Gender|Age: Female | 7
Description: Viv is a pure white taroch with near-silver hair. Jeri pays a nearby ostler good money to keep her stabled and exercised, and to "doll her up" with silver ribbons, though when he's feeling particularly stressed he'll do it himself. Her eyes are black. She is gentle like most taroch, patient and forgiving. She's well-trained and good on the reins or a harness; she's not easily spooked, but dislikes fire. Jericho likes to braid her hair with silver ribbons, and he painted a "J" on her belly when he bought her five years ago.

Name: Rosco
Species: Anka
Gender|Age: Male | 24
Description: Rosco, a larger-than-average white anka with a yellowing belly, had already been well-trained and used for more than a year as a taxi when Jericho bought him, so some of the fire of his species has been burned out of him. He was not abused by his previous owner, but he was not treated with any particular respect either, seen as little more than a tool like a cart or a barge. He doesn't trust Jericho yet but does as he is told.


Item: Ledger
Description: Jericho's ledger is a thick, leather-bound journal roughly A4-sized and halved by a leather cord. In the front is his record of legitimate business dealings (things sold in his shop, trades he'd made, etc) and in the back is a record of the money he's lent, payments made and who needs a "friendly reminder". He uses the tail feather of a peacock to keep his place, and stores the ledger in a locked drawer in his office.

Item: Mythril armour
Description: See Prize Shop. He has, of course, had it customised so it looks more stylish than the standard fare.

Item: 5 Golding
Description: See Prize Shop.

Item: Trunk
Description: Heavy, thick wood covered in cream brocade and fastened with silver buckles, Jericho's trunk stands upright and folds out to reveal a mini wardrobe. One side has two hangers to store trousers, vests, shirts and jackets; the other side has drawers for his underwear and a shoe rack at the bottom. The trunk is so heavy it takes two men to lift, but it's on wheels so it can just be trundled out to his cart and then knocked over on its side.

Item: Bessie (Cart)
Description: "Bessie" is a rickety wooden cart that Jeri's owned for quite a few years now. It's been through repair after repair, but seen him all across eastern Elysia. The hinges on the back gate are rusted through and due for replacement.

Item: Windsong (Tempust's piragua)
Description: The Windsong floats, and isn't falling apart, but it's not exactly shiny. It can crew four with a captain. Jericho won it almost by accident from Brian Tempust in a game while the man was drunk, but rents it out because he doesn't know how to crew it himself. Still, it's a quick (and free) way up/downriver when he needs it.

Item: Half-moon reading glasses
Description: There's not much to tell about his reading glasses beyond the shape and that they are fixed around his neck by a chain whilever he is in his shop.

Item: Sunglasses
Description: He wears them more to hide his Sept and the advantages it brings to the negotiating table than to shield his eyes from the sun.

Wardrobe: His trunk is filled with tailored suits, black and brown leather loafers, crisp white shirts, checkered ties of sombre colours, brocade waistcoats and suspenders. He wears them even when he's not in the office, preferring the feeling of professionalism the suits engender, though he'll usually be in his shirt sleeves during casual moments.



Name: Emma
Gender|Age: Female | 30
Random Encounters: Yes
Permissions: I'm okay with minor godmodding (like hugs, yanking him around by the arm, that kind of thing), but Jericho isn't a touchy-feely kind of person so he will immediately pull away. He's not great in a physical fight, so I'm okay with you landing a few blows (up to moderate injuries, ask for anything worse) or surprise attacks, but he will try to maneuvre into a position that lets him inflict as much pain as possible (via telepathy) so he won't just stay still for it. (He also usually goes around with his two Therian bodyguards, who are more difficult to get the drop on.) I don't mind if he's tortured or has powers inflicted on him, but ask before you try to turn him into a vamp because the infection will kill him. (I don't mind if he dies, but I don't want it to happen if I'm in the middle of an arc with him.)
Plotting: Jericho is a loan shark and a black market trader so he has no qualms about being the villain. He won't actively try to kill people (he actually spent most of his life trying to avoid direct conflict) but he can be a contact/supplier for just about anything, legal or otherwise.
Other Characters: Maaike, Zozeko, Kiel, Dazadi, Piper, Faroah, Xanth and Vicious

Model: Joseph Gordon-Levitt || Avatar by me.

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Posted 17 September 2011 - 03:19 PM


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Posted 15 April 2012 - 09:26 AM

Forwarding Address:

Misha frowned at the door knob, which had refused to yield to the key Jericho had given him shortly after they met. The shop was closed up tight, and when he peered through the window, he found shelves lined with fabrics rather than the miscellany the 'Varian collected to front his money lending and blackmarket trading. “What under Hel...?” His breath puffed against the chilled glass and blocked his view; he stepped back, hitched his pack higher on his shoulder, and frowned up at the second-storey windows. Those were dark, too unusual at this time of night, as Jeri liked to work in his ledger by shevrock.

This wouldn't be the first time he had been shut out of a lover's life without a single word of goodbye, and it wouldn't be the last, he was sure. But this was something else. Jericho hadn't talked about leaving Hesia. If anything, he'd seemed satisfied with his life and, most importantly, his business here. Yet Bessie, the cart usually parked out front, was gone, and when he'd stopped by the stables to say hello to Viv on his way here, he'd discovered the landstrider also gone. He'd thought then that perhaps Jeri was away on business, but he would have left Nin to run the store, not cleaned it out altogether.

“You looking for Mister Jericho, ma'am?” When Misha turned, it was to find a young human standing on the doorstep of the next shop over. No doubt the daughter of the carpenter who lived there, she eyed Misha with a small frown and then blushed. “Sorry, sir. If you're looking for Mister Jericho...”

“I am. Did... did something happen to him?”

“He moved.” Perhaps hearing the concern in his voice, she stepped a bit closer but smiled, as if hearing that his lover had moved without leaving word wasn't bad enough news. “Not sure what happened, really. One day, he was here. The next, he was gone. Dad said he heard some noise coming from next door but just figured, you know, well.” Her gaze trailed away, but Misha got it. They'd figured it was Jericho up to his old tricks, or some customer trying, stupidly, to bluster his way out of repayments. They wouldn't have interfered even if Jericho's life was in danger. “But no knights came, and the weaver moved in just a couple of days later, so Dad said Mister Jericho just moved. Like maybe one of his clients scared him off.”

“I don't suppose you have a forwarding address for him?” He wouldn't respond to the thought of Jericho being run out of town by a client. He chose carefully, and he was a telepath so he always knew when trouble was brewing. At least, he mentioned once that, since the stabbing, he made it a point to always know.

“No, sir. Like I said...”

“Yeah. Thanks.” She smiled, waved and turned back into her house. The carpenter's door creaked when it closed behind her not exactly great advertising. Misha looked up at the shop sign over Jericho's door again and sighed. "Melody's Weaves". That had been his first clue, and now he was all out.

Well, it wasn't like Jericho was his only lover. The 'Varian was easy to tease thanks to that straitlaced and sobre facade, but there were plenty more 'Vari just in Hesia alone. Besides, Misha was sure he'd bump into Jericho again someday. The Peteulanus was a businessman, after all, and his business relied on people. Lots and lots of people. And there were only so many towns in Elysia that would have him back.
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