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What do you do when you're not at EF?

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Posted 04 October 2011 - 09:06 AM

As much as I'd like to think that everyone is utterly devoted to EF (XD), even I need time away from my baby. It got me to wondering, what all do you guys get up to when you're not here?

I spend probably 90% of my online time (which is about 70% of my overall time) working on the site, whether it's RPing or worldbuilding or adminning. The rest of my online time is divided between chores (like grocery shopping, since I have to have it delivered, and banking) and other sites. Like, I'm a sometime-active member of RPG-D, I sometimes makes free skins for other boards (I recently released a new one, actually, called Thor's Hammer), and I'm a sometime-active member of Foggy Friends, a forum for sufferers of Myalgic Encephalopathy. If I had my graphics tablet, I'd be doing a bit of drawing, too (I need to remake the map of Elysia once I find my tablet, 'cause I just lost my backup hard drive with the .pspimage on it. T_T)

When I'm not on the computer, I like to crochet. I love small projects that give results quickly, or "instant crochetification". I made some amigurumi cats as invitations to my party, because the pattern was so cute and I had fun making them. :D I also like paper crafting, like, I made a paper butterfly garland for the party, and covered some empty cheeselets cans in pretty papers to fill with crisps and stuff. I also made some tissue paper flowers, and some paper roses. They looked really awesome and were so easy to make, even though it did take all month because I kept having to take a break. XD

I like to read manga, too. I used to love to read books, but I can't concentrate on them long enough to get through an entire novel any more so manga's perfect for me. Easy on the brain and the eyes. XD

Oh, and of course, I enjoy watching TV and listening to music -- which is good, because some days it's about all I can handle. XD I'm really excited for the new Fringe, Terra Nova, Secret Circle (I loved the Vampire Diaries) and Lost Girl. :D

Soooo, what about you guys? :)

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