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Posted 02 March 2012 - 04:13 PM

I'm altering the way wiki submissions are handled slightly and introducing three new page directives and a Talk pages:

  • (:Stub:)
    Stub pages are shorter articles that require elaboration. I'd like to encourage more collaborating on wiki lore, and it's not always possible to submit a fully developed page in one go. Sometimes, we have awesome ideas but not enough information to submit it yet as anything more than a draft, or we need input from others to make the most of it. Stubs, in conjunction with Talk pages, now allow us to submit stuff that still needs to be explored further.

  • (:Under Construction:)
    When working on drafts that are not yet ready for review, please add (:Under Construction:) at the top. (I've added it to the templates so it should already be there in new pages from now on.) The general rule was that -Drafts are not approved for use in roleplay anyway, but this will create an infobox that will make it clearer (for my sake as much as yours XD) that the page is a work in progress and that its contents cannot be used in-game.

  • (:Awaiting Approval:)
    Once a draft is ready for review, please change the (:Under Construction:) directive to (:Awaiting Approval:). (NPC profiles are exempt from this as they do not require admin approval.) This adds a message to the effect that the page is undergoing review and that the lore is not yet approved for use in-game. It also makes it more obvious for me which draft pages are ready for publishing. :)

  • -Talk pages
    PmWiki has always made Talk pages available but we've never used them before because we could just discuss things on the forums. However, I'd like to make better use of them because I think it would be easier to collaborate on pages if we could post comments in a public area directly related to them. To this end, I've created a new Talk Template (which basically just puts a comment form on the discussion page, which members can then use to post their ideas and suggestions). I plan to use Talk pages from now on when reviewing articles and outlining any changes that need to be made. (Since public notes often apply to more than one page, I think it's better to have them as an example than to repeat them privately as needed.)

    To create a -Talk page, just go to the page you want to discuss and click on the "Discuss" tab (next to the "Page" tab, which used to be the "View" tab). If you're logged in, you should get a "this page doesn't exist" message. Do not click on the "(Create Group.Name)" link: please click on the "Talk Template" link instead. You should then be able to just publish or save the page without doing anything else. Once created, you can use the comment form to post your remarks. :)

If you have any questions or comments (lawl, see what I did there?), please don't hesitate to either post them here or pm me!

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