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Posted 13 April 2012 - 08:15 AM

The Crew of the Typhoon

There are several posters on the wall, all connected to each other in slap-dash fashion. After looking over the dozen or so pictures, you realize why they're all attached to each other: they're all members of the same crew! The papers all proclaim:

Wanted dead or alive for acts of piracy

At the bottom of one of the pages, a note declares that the captain might be connected to the Hollow Heart Tavern in Espur.

Restrictions: At least one level in Combat
Employer: Harbourmaster Adair Dalach OR Senior Guardsman Rod Fingal
Starting Location: Espur
Destination: Espur

  • Either:
    • Track down some or all of the crew of the Typhoon one by one.
    • Capture them.
    • OR kill them.
    • Take them or evidence of their deaths to Fingal.

  • Or:
    • Hire a polémiko.
    • Seek out the Typhoon in the Espur Straits.
    • Defeat and board the ship.
    • Take the crew into custody.
    • Bring their ship to Dalach in Espur.
    • OR claim the ship for yourself.
    • OR auction the ship off.
    • Take the captured crew to the Espurian Guard.

Minimum reward:
  • ζ100 from Fingal
  • ζ100 from Dalach OR sale of the ship.
  • +/-1 reputation from Fingal OR from Fingal and Dalach.
  • An ikoiya if you choose to keep the ship.

Notes: None

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