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Posted 01 July 2012 - 12:25 AM

Rahil Ibn Murad al-muharib Al-Taj

Posted Image
Dao Azat al-Zanarya
Male | 443 | Archivist Scribe | Zanaryan (Serres)


Height: 6'3”
Build: Built. In Zanarya he was forced into rigorous training, while spoiled to fat rich foods, . His muscles are best toned in his legs and traps, to allow him to fight well on land, rather than the air.[/b]
Eye colour: Brown
Hair: Black
First Impressions: Rahil, while largely a pretty "civil" person—as he tries to fashion himself—is very two faced. One on hand, he is likely to be very polite and respectful when his arrogance doesn't kick in. On the other, he is likely to mentally nitpick out the bad points in a person. In Zanarya this has rarely been an issue for him, but should a telepath pick up on such mental notes, they might get angered by it. Mind, it depends on the person. For example, an aged Dracovarian (1000+ years of age) will likely view him as a child who doesn't know any better. However, a younger Vampire might view him as a complete snob as a result.

There are exceptions to this, though. For one, Rahil may at one point decide to abandon the facade and reveal his xenophobic tendencies/be rude to just about everyone. In such emotional outbursts, he is likely to be hated, or even fought.

Oh yeah, and Level 0 Stench. And Faris's neighbours thought HE was Rotten Egg smell. They'll have to lower the rates on all the homes in the area as a result of Rahil! (so if anyone else lives there, sorry/thanks? :P)

Distinguishing Features: Not many, aside from being pretty attractive (shoulda given him his uncle's looks!). He has two facial scars along the side of his right cheek, too uneven to be from a weapon. A very observant person might figure out that his right cheek was literally clawed, courtesy of a very irked woman – which, though it is often left unsaid, is from Lady Kaia herself.
Play-by or Description: Tamer Husni


To be honest, his history shows enough of this. Seriously. XD

To get a bit more official, though, he is the artist type. A bit eccentric, of course, but so long as his arrogance doesn't kick in, nice enough. As one might expect from a son of the Great House of Taj, Rahil has continuously strove to to eradicate his own weakness, part of an independent nature. Yet, despite his belonging to a Great House, he still manages to be approachable, if not a bit generous due to his status. As a second son, he is not to stand out too far in his family, lest he take over his brother's position. Typical Zanaryan politics, ones which have controlled a good portion of Rahil's lifetime, exaggerating or diminishing his deeds depending on which family consul judges his actions. He despises both sides.

The third part of his history reveals a good bit of his more impulsive side (who jumps out of windows on a whim? This guy). He likes things to occur as they go, rather than according to a plan. He is very much the person to procrastinate and work best under pressure resulting from it. This makes him a pretty good ally for the more warrior types, or just a character who can stand his racism. As a certified xenophobe, partially due to his family's stigma, he won't be trusting towards most of the other races. He is actually hoping to find a way to shut down the Elysia->Zanarya portal, too.

Given that he has always been somewhat of a tool for those in political power in his family, Rahil is an extremely negative individual. This forms him to actually be cynical towards things, as he is confident enough in himself to believe he can make it through something, but sees the "bad" in the world around him. This applies even to his own works of art, which he sometimes will tear apart in frustration of not capturing a certain feel he desires. This negativity, when paired with his impulsive personality, makes one who is usually a pleasant person to be somewhat of a spoiled child at times. Rather understandable, as he is one, regardless of how much he doesn't want to be.

Most of the time he will be pretty civil in the face of other characters, but that is mostly due to him being trained to be a politician, even though hes the reclusive artsy type at heart. :P


Name Azat'Dao Rahil'Taj ibn Murad al-muharib ibn Jabbar al-batal abd'al Malik ibn Jibran abd'al Kaia'Dao al-Kertehbah aal-Harmah il'Serres aal-Espur il'Elysia

Translation:Servant of Earth Rahil of the Great House Taj; Son of Murad the warrior and grandson of Jabbar the hero; Servant of Malik, the son of Jibran and Servant of Dao Lord Kaia; born in Harmah in Serres; current living in Espur of Elysia
Birthdate: Sabhasha 23rd, 9569 XA (8609 ZT)
Hometown: Harmah, Serres
Financial Status: Extremely wealthy, when in Zanarya, however, he only has access to a small amount of xanthos allowed to him so that he might supply himself on his mission on Elysia. Just enough money to keep him from having fantasies of staying in Elysia—-or so his Miragi believes. Only time can tell.

Any money he would have to gain would be from selling various accessories he brought with him, though, money won't matter much where he is going...
Alignment (just for fun): Neutral Evil/Good (depending on whether you are Elysian or Zanaryan) with Lawful tendencies


House: Taj
Marital Status:Married
Spouse: Mutiye
Father: Murad (deceased)
Mother: Zahrah[/b]
Siblings: Nasir (M |534), Yumn (F |386), Halim (M |311), Fawzan (M |254), Lam'ah (F |104)
Paternal Grandparents: Jibbar (deceased)
Maternal Grandparents: Alima (deceased)
Skill Master: Malik
Boss|Master: Lady Kaia


Enter House Taj

In Zanarya, each elementalist bears a pride in their element that they would fight to believe in it. All Houses can be applied to this line of thought, but none so zealous as the Great House Taj, a Dao family that is respected not only for the power they carry, but the many male workers of the family. As a result, the Great House Taj has become so wrought with family conflicts that it's many branches of it's bloodline has form its very own council. Of course, the Miragi commands absolute power, along with his orders—until he is murdereddead.

This council, as a result, has a long mantra to guide itself and the Great House Taj.

“Our first rule is that one does not betray the Great House Taj under any circumstance. Death is preferrable to punishment in the Great House Taj. Strict punishment promotes unity.

The Great House Taj must seek to become as powerful as possible, even at the cost of its current patriarch.
The Great House Taj must seek peace with outside families.
The Great House Taj will not tolerate non-Dao condescension on the element earth.

The earth shall guide the Great House Taj to greatness, as land allows all races to flourish. The Great House Taj must spread the wisdom carried beneath the earth, but not reveal it's secrets to any of the other races. Punishment is worse than death.

But most importantly of all, remember that Elysia is the traitor's realm.”

The Prince of Nothing (9566 XA – 9754 XA)

Warning: This part probably has one particularly disturbing bit about it towards the end, which still kind of creeps me out to have written. Still, after arguing with myself over it for a bit, I kept it. Not like the majority of this isn't disturbing already. >_>

Central Characters: Rahil & Nasir


A Prince's Place (9754 XA - 9840)

Central Characters: Malik, Rahil, & Yumn


Fit For A Prince (9840 XA – 9880 XA)

Central Characters: Rahil, Malik, & Murad


The Princes' Price (9880 XA -10000 XA)
Central Characters: Rahil, Nasir, Fawzan


Rahil – One Who Is Gone (10012 XA)

The Taj family had long despised Elysians for no reason other than xenophobia. However, whereas some families made deals with merchants, the Taj instead kept track of their governments, partially in search for a way to shut down their portal. If the Zanaryans couldn't stop progression towards opening their portal to Elysians fully, the current political balance would be at stake. News of a matriarchal race capable of attuning themselves to their own element, primatively allowing it to expand without use of any sort of technology to control it shook such politicians. Matriarchy and controlled growth of the very land itself, of all things to have in a race, that was the worst! Rahil believed in this through and through, supporting that portal not being opened to merchants from Elysia at all. At the worst, the half-breeds might start roaming Zanarya, creating more of their kind. Zanaryan purity would be ruined by the dirtier races, or overtaken by the might of dragon blood.

And so when Nasir proclaimed that his very own brother, an Azat Dao who was on a journey to fully restore his elementalist abilities, had returned to aid the Elysians aiding them after a recent threat came upon their lands, both sides were happy. Nasir and the council planned to have his brother, who they knew was not fully recovered, to venture out from Zanarya and bring glory to the Taj. Rahil's secondary, or rather, secretly primary, cause, was to find a way to cut off Elysia from Zanarya. Rahil believed in the Cause, and as a result was left with no choice.

Rahil grudgingly agreed. He knew he was being manipulated, knew that he would likely be in mortal danger, but also knew what could come of his actions. Yet now he has a new problem. He and the two guards he was sent to Elysia with have met the Alexandrian government and found out exactly what they contacted the Taj for. Rahil is to be sent to the vanguard out west. ((Therefore joining the Acanthan Arc, just to add another perspective in there))



Address: Rotten Egg Smell Guranteed Espur-land Now Doubled Blvd.
Tier|Type: 1
Description: Flat


Item: Taj Royal Armor
Description: I'll get to this later...nothing real special, but still something unique to him. It's a boiled-leather armor that basically has a section of metal around the chest and midback.

Item: Saif
Description: A weapon with a extremely decorated sheath. The sheath is white with gold and silver Zanaryan markings with a well-forged blade of cold, hard steel inside.

Description: Elysian made backpack with several different compartment pouches of various sizes.

Item: Sketchbook
Description: In the pack, halfway used with artistry of Zanaryan landscapes


Name or [/b]Handle:[/b]David
Referred by: RPG-D Ad
Gender|Age: Male | 22
Random Encounters: Sure thing. Randomness adds more excitement to life!
Permissions: I'm okay with minor things such as someone noting his smell or even something small like seeing him nod in response to a conversation. However, when it comes to a fight , he'll usually counter something from the front. Or dodge something, so it's best to note him doing so if he gets hit.However, please ask if you're about to say...stab him in the heart. Surprise attacks would get a slightly different treatment, moderate injuries are acceptable so long as you don't like...render him paralyzed for life with a strike to the back or something. ;(

I'm on the side for a graceful fade to black, so anything too graphic or sexual for a kid's parents to see...yeah.

Plotting:Ohhh I'll have plenty of fun doing this. I admit, I wasn't around for whole plotting threads popping up everywhere, but it seems like a nice trend for “modern Rping.” Well, so long as the RP threads get more content than the plotting threads, at least. lol

I really have no qualms about being the “villain”, but don't expect me to make my characters a psychopath, more morally deficient. It is boring, at least in my opinion, to make a villian and just go “oh yeah he isn't normal, thats why he does evil stuff.” The most interesting villians are the ones who can do all those deeds, but still have that bit of good that actually drives them. It's not like they get up in the morning going “how much evil can I spread today?” Nah, I'd be more interested in the mafia leader sort of person who is just such an evil prtdon, but an awesome family man who genuinely desires to keep both of his “families” safe.

Other Characters: Alain-Gaston Moreaux



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