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A goddess's fury (aka Quake!) EVERYWHERE!!! Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 03 August 2012 - 01:28 PM

OOC: Set on Erimis 3 (3rd July). This prompt is a continuation of When Hel Melted Again. Elysians have no way of knowing why this is happening, but they will feel the effects no matter where they are in Elysia, Nirim and Zanarya.

It started in Alexandria. Citizens milling around Portal Plaza felt the marble tiles tremble beneath their feet as if a small herd of dashiri were stomping through, but this in itself was not unusual. Then those attempting to enter the portal itself found themselves bounced back as a zing of electricity shot through them — mild enough to be harmless but shocking enough to make them jerk.

Confusion rippled through the square. Faces turned toward one another, eyebrows raised, and a rabble of questions followed. Carts and carriages backed up as traffic jammed, unable to move forward through the portal or to turn back against the daily tide of merchant caravans.

Within seconds of the initial tremor, another rumbled out across the inner city, this one more violent than the last. Arcs of lightning shot across the flimsy, transparent disc of the portal and then bolted to random points across the square. The crowd panicked, legs buckling from under them as they screamed, looking for all the world like sailors on their first sea-bound journey.

The third quake ripped out across the entire city of Alexandria. Buildings cracked and crumbled. Blood sprayed as glass shattered and statues collapsed. Water fountains burst apart at the seams.

The fourth was felt at the ends of the world.
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