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[?] Skills: Examples of Use

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Posted 02 November 2012 - 07:26 AM

It was suggested during the skill review that we include examples of how skills can/have been used in roleplay as a way to further the information and provide inspiration. You guys have always been far more creative with the skills than me and I'd love to see actual posts used so this thread is for submitting or nominating samples of the skills in use.

To submit:

If you'd like to submit a completely new written sample, please post the following form.
[b]Wiki profile name:[/b]*
[b]Character you're writing as:[/b]
[b]Skill you're writing:[/b]
[b]Roleplay sample:[/b]
* This is so I know how to link to you on the wiki. eg. My wiki name is Emma, Pchan's is PCHAN, etc.

To nominate:

If you've spotted someone using a skill in their roleplay posts in a way you think would make a good example, please use the following form to nominate them.
[b]Their wiki profile name:[/b]
[b]Character they were writing as:[/b]
[b]Skill they were writing:[/b]
[b]Link to sample post:[/b]
[quote]Please quote the exact section you're nominating their post for.[/quote]


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