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Posted 29 November 2012 - 06:05 AM

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Ayad Nymph
Female | 20 | Shaper | Phiore | None


Build: Extai has a very small body. She has little to no muscle from her waist up but her legs are well muscled. Extai appears from and frail and really she is. Her bust is hardly a bust but when she is unclothed you can see she does have breasts.Her arms are very long and slender and her stomach naturally thin. She does, though, have a strong bone structure in her face. High cheekbones, short but strong jaw, long small nose, and pronounced eyebrow bones.
Eye color: Blue/Gray
Hair: Her hair is naturally waist length and straight. But Extai likes to have it trimmed to just above her bust or will wave and curl is by leaving it to air dry without squeezing out any water then pulling it in a tight bun to dry. Her hair is a dark blonde that fluctuates to a lighter blonde come summer. Right now her hair is about nipple length and fading back into it's dark blonde color.

First Impressions: Extai is usually caught being friendly. Or overly friendly as some see it. She will be seen with a smile on her face and light in her eyes. Her really only problem is not having a censer in her mind to tell her when not to say something.

Distinguishing Features: Extai's distinguishing features would have to be her large doe eyes and the fact that she hardly wears clothing. Or it could be the tattoo that looks like the shadow of a large feline playing on fog with bright green eyes shining through, that lays on her upper back.

Description Extai is a very proud Ayads and it shows in the way she acts. Her head is always held high and her shoulder squared back. Though she has that slight tantalizing innocence about her. She stands a little taller than most Nymphs but it fits her. Her arms are long and lanky and her torso long and thin. She mostly represent the flower she was named after. The Osteospermum Fruticosum or Trailing African Daisy. It’s center is full no matter what but the petals are thin and long.

She holds the more unnatural looks of lighter color hair and eyes than most Nymphs and gets them from her mother and father. Her father carries the light hair while her mother has the light eyes. Her smiles is always true and big. Small false smiles annoy her. And her eyes are almost always doe big and bright but do have tendencies to go lazy but stay bright.

Extai doesn’t get pissed or mad easily but when she does her lips become tight and her face solum. On the outside she appears just simply upset but on the inside she could be having a war with herself on whether or not to show just how livid she is.

She doesn’t really hold much taste for spending much time on her hair so she will often use the wind to make it messy and then pat down the worst parts. Some women and men think it just adds a scandalous and wild look to her but she denies it and says it’s just easier to run the wind through your hair then spend so much time on it. But if she’s trying to look a little nicer she will, as the humans say, french braid it while weaving in feathers and flowers.

Extai is constantly trying to move. Standing still for too long causes uneasiness in her and she starts to loose herself. So she will constantly be moving some part of her body. This being said she will often talk as a way to be moving. She thinks and believes it allows her mind to breathe. So her voice has become a little raw and gravely. It still has a female touch but has a slight roll to it. And it seems to carry on the wind. Speculation has not decided if it’s because she is an Ayads or if it’s naturally like that.

She likes to wear little to no clothing but she she has too she tends to wear light colors that are pretty much see through. She likes her body and loves to show it off in whatever way she can. If that means walking nude in no way does it bother her. Other it might though.

As a Ayad Shaper and has a hard time shaping things. Mostly because shaping with air is... difficult. So far she has been able to shape is the clouds. Moving the air currents to form new shapes. She has tried other things but none of them have worked. So Extai spends her free times messing with three pebbles, that come from the creek around her house, by making them move with small air currents in her hand. It has taken a long time to be able to move three air currents, even of that size, at the same time. For now Extai is not the best Shaper and hopes to one day meet another Ayad Shaper who could possibly show her the ways.


Extai is often confused to be dim witted and useless. This is mostly because she doesn't keep her mouth shut and often has that look that says 'I have no idea what you just said'. Extai is actually very intelligent, open minded, and listens to everything. She might not stop talking but she is always listening. Extai finds it imperative to always be attentive and observant to her surroundings because of the creatures and people who live and breathe. She is very cautious when traveling even when in a group because she know's that not everything has the same viewpoints as the Nymphs.

Extai is often away and traveling so she doesn't have any close friends but a lot of friends that she has met in her travels. She likes to make new friends wherever she goes because being lonely makes her sad and very mopey. But when she is with friends she has known for a time she is very... outlandish. She talks in quick sentences that sometimes make no sense or will start a sentence and end it with gibberish or a weird sound. An example might be, “Sarah, SARAH! SARAH did you just see that!!! It was like.. “ weird blurb noises followed by pretending to fly and puffy cheeks. Or, “Sarah. I think that bush just mweewked.”

When the chance arises for a new friend after Extai has been left alone and lonely for a while she jumps, literally, at the opportunity. And she usually ends up having to be pried off the person or the person has to play dead for her to get off. She’s very clingy and obnoxious with her feelings. If she needs a hug she will steal it from you. If she is feeling livid it practically roles off her in waves. The bad kind where if you get too close you feel the person will bite you. In this case she will.

Extai is very literal with what she says. If she threatens to bite you, she will. If she says she will hug you close to death, she will try. If she says she will shape a coal for the human worlds Christmas, she will. Because she’s Nymph she stays away from violence but if she is being threatened or feels threatened she will follow through with ,biting you per-say. Most Nymphs think it’s a disgrace her reason is, “Biting is no more than apply pressure to a soon to be wound.”

Extai has always found finding a home hard, though she has kept one back in the Fae Forest. There are new winds everywhere and the air is everywhere so she likes to move around. Doing so has caused a little bit of stir craziness in her. If she’s in a place for too long she has to leave. To move. Not traveling causes her to go into a blank state. She becomes a robot until she is in a new place. Sometimes she isn't able to move and has to wait for a new season to come by to be able to come alive again. If the place she stays at is the same for too long it makes her see black and white. No color is in the world at that point until it’s different. New seasons or people dragging her away often helps break the ‘spell’.

Extai has not found much interest in the opposite sex. Actually she finds the men who attempt to flirt with her repulsive. Her sexual interests have always been in females. She has never tried to understand why this is and has never thought about it anyway. When often found in situations of expressing this, she fails to do so and has missed chances of a little flirting every time. She will wait until she knows of another woman who has the interest in other females before making her move. And her form of 'move' is to give subtle hints and wait for the other girl to move. Extai believes that she is a horrible flirt but really it just comes naturally as sarcasm.


Name: Extai Grailly
Birthdate: Oktominas 24th, 9992 XA
Hometown: Phiore
Financial Status: Extai has gained most of her items and such my bartering or by shaping. Any source of money she has is carried in a small pouch.


Marital Status: Alone.

Children: None, too young in her mind.

Father: Grainn
Mother: Phoenix
Siblings: Poppie

Paternal Grandparents: Pear (Mother); Man’Sun (Father)
Maternal Grandparents: Unknown (Father); Stymphal (Mother)

Skill Master: None but willing.
Boss|Master: None but willing.

Organisations: None as of now.


Oktominas 24th, 9992 XA Extai was born in a field near Osteospermum Fruticosum and named Extai. Which is short for Exotic Daisy.
Deminas 24th, 9999 Poppie is born.
Oktominas 3rd, 10006 Extai’s mother falls gravely ill.
Oktominas 24th, 10008 Extai leaves for her Right of Passage.
Oktominas 24th, 10010 Extai comes back from her Right of Passage to find mother weak but alive and well.
Erimis 5th, 10010 Get’s a tattoo of a creature she saw on her Right of Passage.
Thanatas 29th, 10011 Extai leaves after choosing her specialty wanting to get away from the saddening lif.
Menenas 17th, 10011 Extais finds herself near the Cloud Palace.
Telominas 20th, 10012 Now is in Marporth.


Address: Border of Phiore wilderness, 879 RedSun Avenue.
Tier|Type: Tier One; Tree House
Description: The house was once formed and used by the Dryad that made it and still has all of the built in furniture there. Though some things have been added.
The house appears very small on the outside and it hard to notice because of the dense leaves that surround and protect it. The entrance is a small porch that's only big enough to have a small one-person swing over looking the small creek that warps around the surrounding area. The way to get in is by a latter, the latter is able to move up and down simply by pulling a vine that is attached to a pulley system the pulls the latter together or lets it fall down. The vine for that system is hung by many others making it a little hard sometimes to find the right one at night.
The house it's self has three rooms and three windows. A small one for the toiletry, a 2ftx1ft one in the bedroom, and a 3ftx2ft in the main room. The main room is only big enough to hold a small table that juts out of the main trunk, a chair that was added after finding the old one was not going to hold anyone's weight anymore, and a small little oven that is separate from the loose leaves that are in the house. The oven is made from bricks and can serve for multiple purposes.
The bedroom is big enough to hold a hanging bed and a small dresser. The hanging bed is a rounded rectangle about the size of a twin bed, and the dresser is only 2 drawers wide and 3 down. The bed is made of strong woven wicker and has a thin cotton top.
The last room is a simple bathing room. There is a hole in the ground big enough for Extai to fit in and a shelf that holds a vase, a washcloth, a razor, and some soap. From the window there is a another pulley system that has a bucket at the end of it. Under the toiletry is a part of the creek, Getting water to the tub is a long process and usually ends up in a very cold bath. Getting rid of the water is simply by detaching the bucket and then dumping all the water out the window.






Description: This necklace is an Heirloom passed down from one Ayads to the next. It’s made from a soft wood that has been hued a light blue then bent to make a whirlwind design. Two pieces of soft wood make up the design and are faded with white paint to looks like air. The main piece is about the size of Extai’s fist and is held on her by a blue ribbon. The necklace is small and meant to be worn as a ‘choker’.



Item: Leather Backpack.
Description: The backpack can hold up to 20 pounds and will usually be holding her winter clothes, a small blanket to keep warm, and a rope for climbing up into trees and tying herself down. Great for keeping safe and out of site at night.

Item: Three Pebbles
Description: The three pebbles came from the creek around her house and really have no special value. She just saw them and found them interesting. The first one is a small white rock with gold flecks but has green vines running through it, or so it seems. The second rock is a small one that is dark brown and rough everywhere but a small spot that exposes several layers to what looks like a small painted picture. The last rock is a simple dark-grey rock that is overly smooth and slick and has 3 holes in it.


Name or Handle: Name: Christine, Handle: Lazy or Lizz
Referred by: Not a member yet but when she makes an account I will update. (Januaryish you should see her!)
Gender|Age: Female; 14 (15 January 31st!)
Random Encounters: Sure, just ummm kinda don’t kill me or make it a really powerful creature that I will be like, “Well I’m screwed.”
Permissions: So I’m used to not being able to control any other person character without their consent. So like you say, “Sheela tried very hard to get into the mind of Extai.” to end the reply and then put in OOC: I’m kinda trying to get in your head and have control. Mind being a pal and letting me. I might be like OOC: go ahead but if I feel you’re taking it too far I’m going to take some control.

I’m totally okay with anything as long as you don’t make it final without giving me a chance to say, “Stop! I don’t like that.” (Kelso's choices!) Not trying to sound like a total noob because I’m not but I never really got the ‘fading to black thing.’ So I’m just going to say it’s where my character blacks out. Well I think I’d play is out to the situation and how I long I know I would last and then apply it to my character.
Plotting: Well seeings as I’m new here I don’t really have plans for Extai yet but any plots are okay with me. I’m very lenient and laid back.
Other Characters: None other than this one on this Forum. If you want me to put characters from other Forums I will but I don’t know if that’s what you are really asking for.

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