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Posted 19 December 2012 - 03:03 PM

Quest Type: Adventure

Restrictions: None
Starting Location: Anywhere
Destination: Anywhere
Description: Dazadi is taking Xanth's command to "make more of an effort as an Aide" seriously. She wants to know what the Hel is going on with this whole Acantha thing, but she cannot cross into Acantha herself and has too many other responsibilities to spend all her time spying anyway. She is keeping an ear open for any information that comes her way, but she is looking for a few good (or bad, she doesn't really care) men and women to be her eyes.
  • Collect any and all information relating to Acantha, including but not limited to:
    • The movements of any Acanthans who should set foot in Elysia (or the other realms if they get that far).
    • The reactions of any organisation in Elysia, ie. How the construction of the Chandric Barricade is progressing, what the merchants and cartographers are up to, etc etc.
    • Information that might prove useful should the Acanthans attack again.
    • Notes on political divisions, ie, are the Malaki and Mystriders working together?
    • Information about this guy, Danae, claiming to be another god and what he plans.

  • 2 Karma Points for each significant piece of information reported.
  • ζ100 for each IC month that a character actively spies for Dazadi.
  • Potential for a beneficial relationship with an Aide.

Notes: This is more of a job than a quest and could prove dangerous since it could very well involve repeated travel to and across Acantha. Since there are multiple and ongoing elements, it will remain open as a quest even if claimed and completed, so more than one player can claim it even if they are working separately.

Dazadi can teleport so you get to pick where your character meets her. She isn't going to be trusting right up front, or likely to tell people she doesn't know that she's essentially spying on her boss, so at least one thread will be requiredfor her to get to know your character before they can sign on. After that, she will meet them wherever they summon her, so the destination is open-ended.

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