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Secret Silenced An Urban Fantasy Role Play [IF]

#1 ••[SS] Admin

  • Group: Guests

Posted 08 August 2013 - 03:48 AM

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Welcome to Miami. The sun, the sand, the stars. And, oh yes, the supernatural. Miami, Florida is not just a safe haven for your retired grandparents. Here, in the underground of the sunny streets, there is an ilicit drug ring led by imps from Hell,Vampire covens, Lycanthrope packs, and Faerie courts…and those are just the supernatural factions.

But despite how long the supernatural world has existed in semi-silence in Miami, things are starting to get a little louder. Not only are some Supernaturals beginning to interact with the human population openly, but some humans are beginning to interact with Supernaturals. An outbreak of the ‘true sight’ has started in Miami, and it’s getting alarming. Regular humans are beginning to see their friends, neighbors, and coworkers for the otherworldly beings they truly are.

Is there a war brewing and can Miami’s human population survive a confrontation with the supernatural world? Who has the advantage and who has the ace-in-the-hole? It’s always been live fast and die young in Miami and now the residents are putting their money where their mouth is. Miami isn’t as safe as it used to be.

Let’s just be honest, a Secret Silenced is a secret safe

Friendly Admins, Unique Canons, Sub-Plot and Main Plot participation opportunities, artistic freedom and a close community with a member-driven plot all await you here in Miami.


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