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Posted 07 December 2006 - 03:24 PM


Once your application has been approved, an administrator will set up your account and move your profile here to the Journals board where you can develop them further. Journals are a combination of character profiles, thread and relationship tracking, inventory, art gallery and even diary, and you can earn ζ20 for every post you make.

All journals MUST include:
    There is no upper limit on how much information you include in your character's bio, but you MUST include the basic information from the APPLICATION FORM you filled out (hopefully using the Character Creation Guide).
    Moderators only count the items listed in your inventory as actually belonging to you (clothes notwithstanding), so make sure yours is up to date and listed in your character's sidebar via your USER CONTROL PANEL. You don't need an extra post for your inventory as long as it's easy to find.
    Any credits for things like your forum set, journal layout, etc, should be listed in your journal as necessary.

Once these are up, you can add anything you like, as long as it's related to your character. Some examples are:
  • An archive of past threads (recommended, especially for finished ones) with brief summaries
  • A fanart gallery
  • Diary posts
  • Fanfiction

If you have a lot of posts in your journal thread, or for some reason the essential information is not easy to find, please include an linking index in the first post.
  • Please keep your journal thread up-to-date.
  • As of March 23rd, empty journal posts (ie, "will edit later") are not permitted as we no longer require a certain posting order. If we think you're spamming just to earn cash, we'll lock you out of this board and deduct the money from your account. If you've made such posts before that date, you'll have one month to fill them before they're cleaned out.
  • Please only post in your own journal.
  • HTML is allowed. Check the FAQ and HTML HELP thread for more information and a blank template.
  • Credit where it's due.

You can find an example of what your journal could look like HERE.


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Posted 13 April 2009 - 05:52 AM

This is a reminder that placeholder and empty posts in journals will be deleted and the money from them deducted from your account unless you fill them by April 30th (that's actually more than the month I mentioned earlier ;)).

If you have placeholder/empty posts in your journals and don't wish them to be deleted, please fill them (and by this I mean at least a paragraph). Thank you. <3

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