Wardens are those Nymphs who are Called during the Sylvan Rite of Second Bonding to merge with a demesne.

Your character must have spent at least 5 skill points in their class skills (listed under "Bonded Element") in order to choose their specialty. You'll also need to let Emma? know your choice in specialty so she can update your character's information.

Demesnes (pronounced domains) are usually between five and fifty acres of land (or the equivalent) that is situated in an area specific to the Nymph's bonded element. (For instance, a Dryad might bond to an area of forest while a Nyad might choose a piece of land surrounding a lake or pond.)[^Some Nymphs choose to partner with another of a different element in order to better cultivate their grove and in doing so can extend their territory. However, such partnerships are permanent as the bonding is not only to the grove itself but to the other Nymph as well.^]

In bonding with a demesne (also known as a grove), the Nymph gains strength from the territory she claims but may well be choosing to live alone, depending on where she bonds.

The fully-fledged Warden builds a home at the centre of her territory, protected by the Aspects (the trees, plants, animals, fungi, insects and other living things) of her grove as she protects them. Once her home is complete (built by either herself or with the help of a Dryad from her commune), the Nymph will spend most of her life there and will usually only leave when necessary. When she does leave, she must return swiftly else suffer the consequences.

Note: Though Wardens are by nature usually isolated, that's not always the case and some Nymphs bond to a grove not far from a town or village, thus enabling them to gain the best of both worlds.

Demesne land is free for Wardens.

Keeping The Balance

A demesne is the collective consciousness of all the living things within its borders, from the trees and the bushes to the animals and the insects -- and even the very earth beneath their feet. These are all Aspects which become the Warden's responsibility and tools.

The bond a Warden shares with her demesne means that she can gain an awareness, through the different Aspects, of exactly what is happening on her land. Through them, she can survey her territory, picking out areas that need "weeding" or nurturing. She can also "ask" Aspects to help drive off trespassers and poachers, or to patrol vulnerable areas[^Communication between a Warden and her demesne's Aspects is incredibly simple. Rather than words or meanings, she passes on a kind of awareness of danger or trouble, and their own ties to the land will draw on their natural instincts to defend their home.^]. (Likewise, welcome guests can be vetted from a distance and allowed through, or held at bay until the Warden can greet them.)

But being a Warden is about more than just keeping the animals and plants happy. Her most important responsibility -- and the hardest job of all -- is to maintain the balance of Nature. This often means nurturing the environment so its inhabitants can thrive, but it is not her job to create life where there is not meant to be life (arid deserts, for instance, are not meant to support jungle terrain and a Nymph who truly understands the balance of Nature will know this.

Thus, being a Warden also often means destroying or culling in areas where there's too much growth so that other species can develop, and it is for this reason that many Wardens refuse to develop more than a working relationship with the Aspects of their demesnes, rather than face the heartbreak of having to kill them later.


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